[Archive] <WIP> First chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Conversion

Mad Dave:

Well this is my first attempt at chaos dwarf bull centaur conversion and it is still a Work in progress.

i’m still getting used to using Greens stuff, i’ve never really used it unless it was to patch holes.

Ive been looking around some of the third party Manufacturers and came across the mantic Half Breed Lord and thought it’d be good start for a conversion.

After chopping off the big metal blob it came on i used some filler to Pack some little mounds to hide bits of metal i wasent able to get rid of.

The hammer the figure originally came with was some Maul it didnt really look right to me so i chopped that off and butcherd a old WOC halberd and turned it into a Great Axe well i think it looks better.

The next thing ive changed is just the tail and gave him a crude Spiked mace made im still not sure on it to be truthful but its not fully glued so itd be easy to take off and pop something else on.

Sorry for the poor pics i used my ipoop and its not the best camera in the world.

their is no Spider in the Back Ground.

If anyone has any tips for me  i’d love to hear them.

I’ll pop up some better pics if i can steal another camera


Looking good mate, needs a much larger base though.


Yeah looks great but the new models are super huge!


I would say no to the huge spike tail…maybe a little smaller or just do away with it altogether…based on what I’ve seen with the new FW BC’s coming soon, the base should be about 50mmx75mm.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Nice conversion. But as others have said, much too small to be used in a game =(

Grimbold Blackhammer

Mad Dave:

Ive seen the new FG stuff they look awesome and i know about the base size but i’m not going to worry about that for the mo as they havernt Hit the Website yet but i do have the base’s lieing around. i forgot to say in my original post he’s going to be a Taur’ark Character.