[Archive] WIP HERO

kilik flameblade:

this is my WIP CD hero kilik flamehammer

you likey so far??


The picture is quite blurry, and very hard to see what has been done.

I personally can’t really tell if any conversion has been done on the model yet, although I think Ican kind’ve make out some tusks and a chaos dwarf beard.

kilik flameblade:

sorry about that. its a BFSP dwarf with his shield emblem filed away and a hammar arm from knights of the white wolf in place of his axe arm


Sorry man, but that just sounds like a Dwarf with a white wolf hammer, not much of a chaos dwarf hero.

kilik flameblade:

he is still a WIP you know, and this is my first time converting dwarfs


His arm is a little too long. You need to trim down the shoulder area, and the forearm area (cut the hand off at the wrist, and slice away material towards the elbow then reattach the hand). Use another dwarf arm for reference. I figure if you’re gonna attach new arms, might as well go the whole hog. Just be careful when trimming the shoulder and try to keep it rounded (use a file).