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A model I’ve been sculpting this week.  Based on my own sketch. It’s my first attempt at a complete undead(ish) model.

It’s being done as a private commission, but I’d appreciate some feedback.


I think that looks great, Grim!


Looks good so far. Could you get a sharper picture?

I think the crest thing on his head could do with being crisper at the edges, definition looks a bit fuzzy.

Detailing looks good.

Is it a commission for a model to be cast? Or just a one-off?

Ghrask Dragh:

You’ve done some fantastic details on there already, pose is great and I think the cloak will look good flaying out like its going to.

A sharper picture would be better to help more, the face at the minute is a bit hard to see properly because of the photo.

Can we see the sketch?

Great work Grim’ :cheers


Just a one off for some guy.  I really don’t know how much to charge for it to be honest.  Sketch is on the other computer so I’ll have a look later.

I’ll take some better pics later hopefully when most of it should be done.

Ghrask Dragh:

Any scales going on the cloak? I think that looks awesome! pretty sure some of the new necrons have done something like that with scarabs, might be cool on this guy


I hadn’t planned to do any scarabs, though that Necron model was very inspirational.

Kera foehunter:

You nailed that one Grims!!


Looks good!

I agree with Bagg on the head thing though (although a sharper picture could reveal that it needs no touching up).

Sadly I can’t help you out on the price issue, I have no clue how much a sculptor of your level would earn an hour.


I like it!

Better than the GW liche models sans the Casket of Souls one


I really don't know how much to charge for it to be honest.

your selling the greens right?

most is up to how much the client would pay really.
maybe around 15£. it obviously have to be more expensive than a casted model.


I really don't know how much to charge for it to be honest.
This is why I stopped doing one-off greens - you can't quote an appropriate amount for the amount of work involved.

Doing them for a mate, maybe £50 (and that's working for less than minimum wage, assuming the figure is detailed). Hasslefree offered me £125 for a sculpt; not to be rude as I'm led to believe that is indicative of the going rate in the industry, but its a bit of a joke really. Doing them for myself, I can cast them up and make a lot more over a period of time and still own the figure. Wasn't even a choice really.