[Archive] Wizard hunting



I’ve lately been getting into army lists that don’t have anything invested in magic aside from lv1 daemonsmiths, and in order to survive the opponent’s lv4 magic phase I need to be able to hunt down his spellcasters as quickly as possible.

What effective units and tricks have you found for removing enemy wizards? The ones that come to mind for me are bull centaurs, fireborn and destroyers.


A Khan on wolf… Fast, agile and he has quite a good chance at actually getting there when kitted out right.


Depending om pointlimit you should bring a lot of khans on wolfs. Cheap items from the core book and them set them rampaging. Either he wastes alot of shooting/magic on them - or else they get to the wizard and destroy him.

I love 'em, also good for blocking marching units.