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Hey guys and gal. This will be the general “catch all” thread for discussion on the webzine. I will be adding issue and topic specific threads shortly, so welcome aboard.

An important pint to keep in mind for any threads here; although forum members cannot see the contents of the discussion, they can see forum titles if they search via new posts so keep that in mind when starting a thread.


I had a couple of feedback ideas on WoH2

Amazing overall, but I was wondering if its possible to have all the conversion pics so when you click on them they enlarge (clickable hyperlinks ??).  Not that much of a problem, but if you want to see closely you need to scroll in and out all the time.

I think we should attempt to grade all conversion articles on a fixed scale so that people only need to look at the first couple of lines and they know roughly how hard it will be.  I’ll attach an example of what I came up with.

So for any particular article you’d have something like:

‘Name of thing being converted’

‘Name of converter’

‘Skill Level:’, then a small colour coded box with beginner, moderate, experienced or advanced next to it (as in my example).

This would be similar to the airfix style kits, where they have a skill number on the box :wink:

Examples (so you get the idea)

Beginner - Those evil dwarfs Xander did a showcase thread for the other day.

Moderate - Xander’s BFSP conversions

Experienced - Most of Snotling’s Gallery

Advanced - Clam’s Earthshaker

It would also help to ensure we have a way of keeping track of having something to interest everyone.  E.g. Each WoH you’d have something for Beginners or Moderate AND something for Experienced or Advanced.

We’d obviously have to see how this worked out in terms of having advanced things.  These things take a lot longer to do than beginner models.

Would it be possible to have embedded hyperlinks like youtube?

Btw.  I’m hoping to finish my first conversion article for WoH #3; constructing fully articulated mechanical wings (for use on a juggernaut)!  This would definately be an Advanced level one…

If I finish in time I hope to do some schematic diagrams with all the measurements. Maybe even a video of the wings opening.


Perhaps the skill level is represented by hats… Working on a extremely tough conversion? It’s a four hatter.