[Archive] Wolf Raiders Vs Khan (LoA)



Having just picked up a bunch of Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders to go along with my Khans i wondered are they worth taking?

Would you rather take a unit of Wolf Raiders or a Khan or both?

What load out would you give them and what role do they play in your tactics.

I was thinking of Spears and Shields for small unit/warmachine hunting, but losing the light cav rule for having shields are they worth it?

Also command, yay or nay?




i use them in fives, with only musician.

i don’t think that bows are suitable for them. Only if you are planning to protect your WMs from enemy WM hunters; but you have HGs on foot for that at the very least.

Take spears if points allow. It will help you kill enemy WM crew easily; but it’s not that necessary.

defo no to shields coz being fast cav is more important than their lives :wink: also, no to standards and champion. you would be giving up VPs easily and it will cost you more.


Fast cav that spontaneously takes panic tests or kills D3 models is not great.

I take 2-3 Khans. They are nimbler, have better Ld and are actually tougher. With cheap magic weapons, they can take on ethereals too. Much better. The only drawbacks are you lose deployments and vanguard.

Sneaky items for a Khan:

Terrifying Mask of Eee - charge those skirmishers/missile troops and watch them flee in terror.

Ruby Ring of Ruin: No one expects this on a Khan and he can actually get into good positions to fireball stuff.

Screaming Blade: Charge those spirit hosts and take no fear tests!


i echo Burock totally, don’t give up the usefulness of fast cav for the extra save, they are only hobgobs after all,




The animosity rule is some what hindering for them. But it aint all that bad if you have other fast elements in your list. And the advantages to just having a Khan are plenty.

When I use them I go with 5 musican and spears.

And for usues, they are cheap and versitile. So depending on what the oponent brings they just adapt. Be it redirect or hunting.


Wolf riders pros:

It gives you an extra deployment drop

You can give them a standard

They are fast cavalry

They have more wounds than a khan

Wolf riders cons:


Lose fast cav if you give them shields

Take up rare percentage

Khan pros:

Can give them magic items

Able to operate independantly

Don’t suffer animosity

Khan cons:

Take up hero percentage

Deployed at the same time as other characters

Overall, I’d go with a khan. They’ve never disappointed me, whereas wolf riders have. Whatever you do, don’t put a khan in the same unit as wolf riders, otherwise they could all panic off.

But, when I do use wolf riders, I don’t bother with shields. I just give them spears and a musician. However, there are arguments for giving them bows, seeing as they’re rubbish in combat anyway; if you give them bows rather than spears, you just shoot stuff instead of charging it.


I think that after reading everyone’s points I’m going to run with both, In my case a Unit of 5 with Spears and 2 Khans.

Plenty of chaff and options.




Just for the record 4 khans. My “reasoning” is I don’t want a unit of 4 riders ready to charge a warmachine and then squabl!! I prefer to have a unit that wont mess up the turn of a vital charge. Plus with his added stats (st4 t4 mainly) he with a spear can give even a dwarf warmachine a run for its money. Hell hit that bugger with the hatred spell and he just might wipe the crew in 1 turn. Doubtful but still.