[Archive] Wolf Rider (And Hero) Clarification

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I need a quick clarification for the HG Wolf Riders.

In the Erratta, Hobgoblin Wolf Riders are listed as Cavalry for their troop type. However, on the RH list, the last sentance states that if HG’s are mounted on Wolves, they are Fast Cavalry, NOT Cavalry as is listed in the erratta.

Do they still count as FAST CAVALRY like what was printed on the old RH list (Last sentance on the bottom of page 1) as well as compaired to their Goblin Riding cousins in the new (And Old) Orcs and Goblins book. (P.105 in new book)

…ok, I can see them being listed as “Cavalry” for the sake of the list, but does the Fast Calvary rule still apply to them and should it be noted somewhere on the erratta as I don’t think that the Bull Centaurs get the Fast Cavalry rule…or do they?

Also, I was always under the impression (Because I think it was mentioned here a few times in the past) that the HG Hero on Wolfback lost the Fast Cavalry rule somehow. But how is this so?

The Wolf is also listed as a FAST CAVALRY creature in the new O&G book on P.100 at the bottom of the page. Therefore, technically, the Hobgoblin Hero on wolf SHOULD get the Fast Cavalry rule as well, shouldn’t he? (Maybe he does, but I was under the impresion that he didn’t.)

Please let me know what the deal is so I can correct my army list.

ThanX again!


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awww crud!

Just found it - “Character Mount” under War Beast rules.

…but it says “If a CHARACTER rides a beast…it’s only Cavalry” - yet does the hero constitute a “Character”, or is a character someone who’s named, like Gorbad Itchyfeet, or someting?

Da Crusha:

Heroes are characters. they don’t have to be named characters to qualify as characters.

Hashut’s Blessing:

The FAQ was to bring the RH list into line with the 8th edition rules and not to change it to make it better/worse etc.

The Fast Cavalry rule is a special rule, whereas Cavalry is a unit type. Basically, Cavalry has certain rules, of which Hobgoblin Heroes on wolves use, Bull Centaurs use, Bull Centaur Heroes use, Bull Centaur Lords use and Hobgoblin Warriors on wolves use. Any unit that has Fast Cavalry (in this case, it is ONLY Hobgoblin Warriors with the wolf upgrade option) has extra rules on top of that and will state that they are Fast Cavalry in their unit entry.

As a result, the Hobgoblin Hero’s wolf does not have Fast Cavalry because it doesn’t say that it does, whereas the Hobgoblin Warriors wolves do have Fast Cavalry because it explicitly states that they do.

Heroes and Lords are characters, named characters are special characters (which are still characters), so ANY character that joins your Hobgoblin Warriors on wolves will make it so that the unit can’t use it’s Fast Cavalry rules (until he leaves the unit again).


The issue is a 7th->8th compatibility problem.

“Cavalry” is now the unit type and Fast Cavalry is a special rule. The RAI would be that wolfriders are of unit type:cavalry and should have the Special Rule “Fast Cavalry”. That would equate to their previous definition of being “fast cavalry”.

It is in fact possibly to follow the Fast Cavalry rules and not be “cavalry”.

Without the specific rules to look at, you are looking at the new O&G?, I can’t say exactly, but since Fast Cavalry is not a unit type, but a special rule it wouldn’t be superseded by the character mounting a warbeast and making ti cavalry.

Hashut’s Blessing:

snowblizz has it completely correct. I was originally going to say that there is potential for a Fast Cavalry unit that is, say Infantry, but there’s no signs of any at the moment (and likely never will be).

It doesn’t really matter what the Orcs & Goblins rulebook says about it, purely because the Hobgoblin Hero/Warriors don’t say they “may purchase a giant wolf for x points, see the Orcs & Goblins book for stats and rules”. They have all of their stats and rules in the RH list already and use those and only those.

Thommy H:

That said, if there does prove to be some exception to this rule in the O&G book that allows Goblin characters on wolves to let a unit they join keep Fast Cavalry, I can see an argument for extending that to Hobgoblins. But that will be an issue for the FAQ.

Hashut’s Blessing:

As said, there’s no reason why we can’t discuss implementing the change in the FAQ to reflect the O&G precedent set for 8th edition.

However, RAW are adamant that the Hero gets no Fast Cavalry status, so opponents may be iffy about it.