[Archive] Wolf riders forum tutorial or WoH article?


So I’ve just finished making a new wolf rider (I picked up another box) and taken loads of pics.

Do you guys and gals want it as a tutorial on the forum or in WoH #13?

I’m not really bothered either way, the forum one could be put on today whereas the article would be whenever #13 comes out obviously. I could do both I suppose.


WoH I think. Seems like the sort of thing that should go in there, and it always needs more content.

The Odor:

I would like it on the forums.


While I would like to see it on the forums I also think this is a perfect example of the type of thing that needs to be in WoH.




You could always put it on the forums a little while after issue 13. At least that way people wont see something they already saw in the magazine.

Hashut’s Blessing:

WoH because it’s aboout Tamurkhan - on top of that, you can post it as an article afterwards as well.


I think it belongs in the magazine.

Kera foehunter:

I say post it please !! we can premiere it on the site and promote it on the woh 13

ta da


I would propose at 1st in the WoH and then posting in the Tutorial Thread!

So you can ensure that everyboby will find the tutorial in future! :hat off