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What are the best units to use against wood elves? I have a 2300 point game coming up on thursday and I’d actually like to win against them for once…


Not nessicarily sure of the best units but a word to the wise. Do not play to their strengths. And remember most of the woodies will not have great armor saves if at all.

Hobbo wolf riders would be useful me thinks.


Thier pretty weak at hand-to-hand combat and usualy skulk into the forest , cowardly elveshiss.


They can hide in the forest alot, blunders and wolfboyz ES and taurus or Bc lord with hammer of hashut or magic heavy sorc lord and two others and fry them woodies.:hat

I have a wood elf army thats fast(cavalry) hard(wardancers,dryad treekin and treemen x2) and loves hugging the trees all day ,i win often with them as there very versitile:P


remember that the black Hammer of Hashut auto-kills flaming things so make sure you give that to a hero and deploy that hero in a unit near something that will burn.

Play a denied flank tactic so his skirmishers can’t get in behind you.


Play a denied flank tactic so his skirmishers can't get in behind you.

But know that his fast cav mage will own tha flank so plan accordingly


Fast characters with decent saves. So BC lord/hero and a HG Wolf Hero. These guys can/will take out his archers and smaller skirmishes. Also the pit of shades (shadow lore) deals with his treemen ancient very quickly! :wink: Or go metal lore (awsome deck) and you have a better range of spells that are flamable and nullifies his (treemen) armour saves. Spirit of the Forge = one of the best spells in the game. Remember that if yu dont do a wound with the Hammer of Hashut (more than likely with the anoyance of netlings you will auto break. Hope that helps.


MAtty :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

Watch out for Wild Riders. I have seen five of them trample through 20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors. Not pretty at all.


I am about to play WEs in my escalation league this week�and he definately fields Wild Riders.��Oh and he is the only undefeated player in the league (although I only have 1 loss).

Do you have any suggestion specifically for handling Wild Riders or should we just purely fear them?

My game is 1750 - so no lords.


even though i haven’t played Chaos dwarfs for a long time, i manage to come up with some ideas (my mate has a wood elf army - lead by Orion)

- Earth Shaker to slow down the wild riders and cavalry as well as shutting down shooting.

- a hero with the hammer of hashut could deal with any of the flammable creatures or the wild riders.

- launch a barrage of magic missiles at the wild riders (as the ward save is technically a daemonic ward save)

- try and get the charge (preferably on the flank so you would get less attacks back).