[Archive] Word of Hashut Issue #3


Check out the thread in Project Development:

While we are doing well with the production and articles we have already we are still in need for a few areas:

- A few more questions for the “Slave Pen”.
- Any Mordheim articles. If you have anything Black Dwarf related in terms of a submission regarding them you vault to the top of the list :wink:
- Any Bloodbowl submissions; see what I just said about a Mordheim article above.
- Any hobby articles; we have some hobby articles but more can always be used.

So get those submissions in: Contact Servius as our Submissions Coordinator. He is tasked with the in and out of all submissions and helps get everything tiddy.

Also important to keep in mind: be mindful of the deadline for submissions, November 29th is the cutoff date.



Let’s see some good stuff guys! This is our outlet to the wider Warhammer world! :smiley:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Wow that was fast only just was the seconds out

But really keep up the good work


I started circulating WoH at my games night on a Tuesday, none of the fellas there have any CD models, but from the interest they have shown in the first 2 editions, I think its only a matter of time before I manage to convert them all to Hashut!

cant wait for issue 3!


What was their reactions to the webzine? I’m genuinely curious.


they all liked it a lot.

one of the lads refused to read it at first because he thinks he is an actual dwarf and wont play any other army / rac in wfb / wfrp respectively, but when he saw eveyone else’s reaction, he decided he’d have a shufty through it and even asked me to print him a copy off!

i think they were impressed how much work clearly goes into it, and that there is a community who provides such a resource was very appealing to them. they havent signed up to CDO yet because half of them dont have internet access and the others arent sure they want to join the community because of bad experiences on other groups we have been members of in the past, but i think they will join eventually.

i will ask them next week for some pointers & feedback from their none CDO member’s point of view & post it here for you if i remember! have a memory like a seive!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Superfella thats a great idea i’d do it but knowing my club they’ll refuse

why they dislike CD I don’t know (might be because they haven’t ben realesed for years)


Reminder: deadline for submissions is November 29th.

Please contact Servius for your submission.

Thommy H:

deadline for submissions is September 29th
Okay, let me get my time machine.


Lol, this made my coffee come through my nose! :cheers:


heh what the he’ll happened there?


Hey everyone just a bit over a week to go and its deadline time. Please help the team with getting any articles or other submissions in to the Servius. Some of you I have spoken to and you already know your deadlines.

Also those of you slated for Issue #4, now is a great time to start your submissions to there will be now excuses next time! You knwo who you are! :wink: