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As the photos I’ve put up on other threads keep coming up as thumbnails I’ll try to sort things out for this blog, hopefully, trial and error me-thinks.

Also this army harks back to the early days when you could use whatever you wanted (I’m making sure things don’t go too left field), so when someone sees a cyclops you try and tell me they haven’t got one of these boys down in the mines somewhere.

The work in progress. Just trying to get the CD section of the army sorted first,

3 x 20 warriors with hw/shield in 4 ranks of 5, when a hero is attached they revert to 3 ranks of 7, have 3 more dwarfs to paint for 1 unit, I’m no fan of the look of 4 x 5 ranks. As main opposition will be chaos and VC undead I’m hopeful that heavy armour and width of numbers will hold out long enough for the heavy hitters to do their job. The same with the 2 units armed with great weapons.

Blunderbus units 2 x 18 in 3 ranks of 6, there was going to be a third unit of xbows to tie in with my swivel gun unit (using the original rules my 3 swivel guns could be grouped together or be added as attachments to other units, which was to be my 3 missile units but now only 2).

Apart from the swivel guns I’ll be using 2 Earthshakers and a Hellcannon.

For speed and power I’m looking at units of Tenderizers, Whirlwinds, Bull centaurs and a Cyclops.

My Taurus is looking for wings, dragon or balrog?

I haven’t decided.

Now to post this thing and see if I’ve buggered up the photos, editing will then take place at a later date.

Having owned a lot of these models since when they were first released I hope I can do them justice these many years later.

Here endeth the sermon for now.:cheers

Hrothgar Goldgreed:


Tell me you didn’t convert the figures I recognize chaos and dwarfs bitz in.

That’s impossible.

turquois dwarf:


do you know who made the cannons and the taurus?


The cannons and taurus are from Reaper with Bob Olley designing the cannons, they fitted the look of old school CDs.

Kera foehunter:

great army. i like your reaper canon and brass bull the blue on the warriors are cool

what blue did you use sharkboy


Finally :slight_smile:

I have been looking forward to seeing your collection - and I’m stuned - just so


My 2 options for the taurus are the just landed look, 45 degree angle, facing down, standing on a pile of rocks so I agree with the dragon wings for that look. The other one would be the dive-bomber, again a 45 degree angle on a flying stand where I think the balrog wings would be better suited. I just need to decide between the two.

The cyclops is at the moment getting a re-paint to take it away from the mid-nor purple colour scheme. should be finished soon.

As for the wrack, it’s either going to be part of an ammunition base to put behind the earthshakers, goblins running around with shells etc. As I have 3 of them they may be used as part of the generals command post, the set up will be samurai based with the wracks at the back with screens linking them together, then bretonian stakes and mid-nor shields forming a palisade front and sides with a gap front centre where my general and bodyguard will be waiting.

That’s enough rambling, just need time to get it all done, I’ll probably put some of this stuff in other threads and I’m finally working on converting my Immortal bobyguard.

Comments more than welcome.:cheers