[Archive] Working on Fluff for DOW army that uses CD at the Black Fortress


I am working on fluff for a Dogs of war army that used chaos dwarves.
The DOW army uses dwarves as a special choice, has slayer pirates, and has the goblin hewer. I want to use chaos dwarves for all of the things and scratch built a goblin hewer.

To rationalize this army, I do not see this force being brought together in traditional Tilea. So I am looking at housing the army on an edge of the Dark Lands in an area where Chaos Dwarves and humans might interact fairly regularly.
Any thoughts?


There really isn’t any.


I have two thoughts right now.

The city of Pigbarter is located on the delta on the southern end of the Shadowlands. Another option would be a wizard trying to rebuild The Fortress of Vorag.


The Chaos Dwarfs there have Vampire Counts through the mountains to the west, Chaos to the north, Orc hordes to the southwest, Lizardmen to the direct south, Ogres to the east…

And that area that says “unknown lands”?.. That’s the realm of Hobgobla Khan!

So… unless you are talking about undead humans or demonic humans…

Kera foehunter:

well brother pirate !i think if there pirates and cd does it matter where there live began ??

it the point that there for hire …Would be what gives them the ability to get there fluff !

you could use them as bootlegger or even slave trader to keep them in with the chaos dwarfs

Tilea is just a free port to get there more jobs from!!

Ghrask Dragh:

They could be exiles!

Dwarfs that Betrayed Hashut and escaped their captures before they could be executed, even Chaos dwarfs have that lust for gold, I wouldn’t see any problem with lending their supperior fighting and toughness in exchange for gold.