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Godbob and his jolly rogers:

afater looking on druchii.net i began to wonder what is the worst looking modal GW has relased

i say in first malekith on black drangon :sick

in second chaos ogres,drangon ogres (and all other choas type trolls)

in third lizardmen cold one riders (compared to the new one)


the worst and second worst models ever created by GW were the lead land speeder and the lead space marine bike…

both of them look like someone went into the corner of the room, took a “growler” and then used that as the basis for the sculpts.


I believe it’s hard to say which mini is the worst. What some people like, others hate and vice versa. A matter of taste so to say…


I would say it’s the old Nagash figure (AKA Bobo the Clown).


In the current range, the Fiend of Slaanesh.


Empire War Altar. It looks so akward it silly. There are other examples but this was the first model I thought of.


I would say it's the old Nagash figure (AKA Bobo the Clown).


Ghrask Dragh:

x2 for Nagash

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Father Grumpmas:

I would say it's the old Nagash figure (AKA Bobo the Clown).

Nagash is simply super - I recently purchased him and will be greenstuffing on a bowtie, goofy shoes and a red nose.

Seriously, with a head transplant the rest of the figure isn't too bad.

The lead possessed space marines are my pick for cr*ppiest minis


Ye 'ol daemon prince!

Kera foehunter:

the new chaos deamonettes!!


I´d second fiend of slaanesh… wtf where they thinking?


The lead possessed space marines are my pick for crappiest minis

Father Grumpmas
I need to get more of those..


An oldy but a goody, my vote goes to the rogue trader era porta potty.

zorn sabretooth:









Nagash, no doubt about it.


Nagash is probably the most high profile, but there are heaps of worse ones. The early dark eldar models are nearly all really bad, the Chaos Ogres and chaos trolls. The hydra gets my vote for being the worst to put together.

Ghrask Dragh:

Nothing beats the Gnoblar Scraplauncher for the being the worst miniature to put together, anyone who’s tried has probably broke down in tears just reading the words ‘Gnoblar’ and ‘Scraplauncher’ :slight_smile:

I agree with Godbob and cornixt that those Chaos Trolls where really bad, never saw one in the flesh though. If the new minis look anything like the concept art for WAR then they should be loads better this time.

EDIT: found the pic :hat off

EDIT II: it’s a pretty big pic :smiley: heres the link :wink:

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Does anyone have a pic of this “Bobo” model?

Kera foehunter:

Chaos trolls look good when you make them into yeti

or snow trolls