[Archive] Would you buy this mediocre Hobgoblin if it was available?


With the softhat heads shipped to Denmark pending mouldmaking it’ll be a while before I get a chance to sculpt the mongol style heads, or maybe even the gatehouse flat (undecided yet if it’ll get done). Helping my brother and a friend of ours with their Elves will occupy most of my hobby time for the coming weeks or even months.

On the other hand we might be able to offer you something as an accident, if Bloodbeard would be interested in casting this thing. And if it’s possible to cast at all…

Would you be interested in buying this Hobgoblin if it can get cast?

Attention! It’s just a train rider sculpted for my own collection, so it hasn’t got the careful sculpting invested in the heads. The hat could be improved upon like the head kit, but the scalemail is pretty much set, as is the face, the legs and the knife blade.

The weapon blade must be decorated with something in order to work, since it’s such a primitive sculpt, but it could work with the right paintjob. I won’t redo it. I will, on the other hand, try to sculpt the rest of the Hobgoblin carefully and add more details if there’s enough interest from both collectors and the Danish department.

No ideas for price level, but view it as a character model in resin.

What do you think? Worth a shot?


Provided it didn’t cost a silly amount I’d probably consider buying one - considering the pose, I think it’d look good on the Hobgoblin War Wagon conversion I’ve got sitting on my table.


Yes i would buy one as long as it was affordable ofc.