[Archive] Wrong Turns on the Path to Hashut


I was wondering what anyone’s mistakes in designing their Dawi Zharr army, ideas that your opinion of changed,such as a transition between helms and hats. Though my army is not yet in construction, I personally regret buying the BFSP box. I’ve become rather disenchanted with the overall quality of the figures as I know I could achieve better results with standard models from the dwarf and goblin range. I suppose I’ll end up with small Dwarf and Night Goblin armies now.

So does anyone else have such tales? It could just be that I’m overly erratic.


alot of my first models (like entire warrior unit) beards came out pretty flat. Need to be more round and cut all the way down not just an imprint.

also still haven’t got the hang of doing mustaches. going try again with my last BB unit


I wish i hadn’t started my hobgoblin sword block before i thought of the arabic theme. Now i’ve got to remove 36 helmets and hats and sculpt headscarves,fez’s and turbans.


I personally prefer, when drawing Chaos Dwarfs, to give them thinner and more dreadlocks than normal. Unfortunately, as I realized after my third scratchbuilt model, it looks a bit naff.

So, thicker dreads. 'S cool.


After completing most of my army, I did some Immortals for them, and gave them dreadlock-style hair. I then kicked myself repeatedly for not doing that on every other model in the army. :slight_smile:


My first attempt at beards were bleh. I’ve become much better at them. Only problem is that my general is one of the ones with a bleh beard…


hehe I learnt at least with my first army to always save characters for last when it comes to painting and modelling :smiley:


I vaguely regret writing a list, putting it up for evaluation, then buying nearly everything for it before reading the feedback. On the plus side, the market forum here has been invaluable, and I’m assuming the people who bought stuff off me and happy with the low prices of stuff I didn’t need.

In relation to the above, I also know I should plan my conversions first, before buying stuff I could make them out of. Due to changing my mind, even more goes up for sale, etc etc.

Kera foehunter:

the only regret is the shield maddens they don’t go well with the chaos dwarf pirates

i guess they can go with the small group of tall hats.

but my pirates army is soooo cool take note gw!!!


my hobgoblin hero and the crew of my boltrower, I was planning dungeon siege 1 and got a briljant idea for those guys.


hehe I learnt at least with my first army to always save characters for last when it comes to painting and modelling :D

Its nothing that can't be fixed thou. At some point I'm going to redo beard. Good thing is that it won't be too hard to do. The beard is easily acessible on the model with either arm out of the way.