[Archive] WTB - New Dwarf and Chaos Warrior Bits


Ok, I need the following.

5 Caped Dwarf Warrior/Thunderer Bodies. One on each sprue is caped on both the Thunderer and Warrior sprues.

15 Chaos Warrior Weapon Arms… Either Arm will due… need for the weapon heads

If you have some or all just get me a price… if its in my range its sold… On Caped Bodies… i can trade 2 for 1 bodies to get the capes.


Perhaps you should also propose a price for each thing. You’d be more likely to get some responses. :slight_smile:

I probably have those Dwarf Bodies.


i hope to get some chaos and dwarf stuff on tuesday with a few things for 40k if I can from there I can see how I can help.