[Archive] WTB Russian Alternative Chaos Dwarfs


Hail, fellow Big-hats and slave-masters!:hat off

I’ve recently undergone the creation of a Chaos Dwarf army for 9th Age/WHFB/AoS and the progress has been going well and currently, there’s only a few major missing units for my list. When I began collecting Chaos Dwarfs; I fell in love with a miniature collection made by a company called the Russian Alternative.

Unfortunately, they are currently unable to sell models for the foreseeable future. As a result; I have begun scouring the internet looking for people who might be willing to sell me some miniatures that I have been looking for, and I figured CDO would be the perfect place to look, and created an account (Which I’ve been meaning to do anyway.)

Right now, I’m looking for 30 of their "Dwarves of fire canyon harqebusses, who I will be using as my blunderbuss infantry. Here’s a picture of what they look like:


Next is a command group for the unit of blunderbusses who look like this:


Then I would also like this character to use as my bsb:


And lastly, and this will probably be the trickiest to find; I’m hoping to get a hold of their model called “Khadai the Disastrous” to be used as my K’daai Destroyer. The model looks like this:


If any of these miniatures would be something you would be willing to part with; then I’d love to see if we could make a deal. I would prefer resin and unpainted miniatures, but I am not picky. I’m more than happy to use metal miniatures and strip paint if need be.


FYI, the store is re-opening!