[Archive] WTS Large 'Big Hat'Chaos Dwarf Army


Hi guys,

The time has come to let go of my precious Chaos Dwarfs that have served me so well over the years!

EDIT: I typically sell miniatures on WargamerAU so if your after ‘Market Rep’, I have well over 100 positive responses there over 10+ years.

Does not include postage (can arrange pickup in Sydney, Australia)

Comes with
�?� Forgeworld Tamurkhan book
�?� loads of metal trays
�?� dice, templates, WHFB spell cards
�?� Large double GW figure case provided
�?� custom �?Tshaken markers�?T
�?� random bits like shields etc.

Pics (painted  models only)


Sorcerer Lord
Sorcerer Lord (on throne)
Sorcerer Lord (on Lamasu)
Sorcerer Hero
Chaos Dwarf Hero (BSB)
Bull Centaur Hero
2 x Hobgoblin Hero (on wolf)
33 x CD Warriors (incl. commands)
35 x CD w/Blunderbuss (incl. command)
25 x Sneeky Gits (incl. command)
22 x Hobgoblins w/bows
42 x Hobgoblin slaves (Gnoblars incl. feature bases)
15 x OOP Black orcs (incl. command)
20 x OOP Orcs w/bows
10 x Hobgoblin Wolfriders (incl. command)
9 x Hobgoblin Wolfriders (incl. command)
3 x Hobgoblin Boltthowers
Hellcanon (converted Jugga w/deathrocket platform)
11 x Bull Centaurs (incl. command)
Siege Giant (converted Forgeworld Mercenary Ogre)


70 x Hobgoblin slaves (Gnoblars)
18 x Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Grimgor Ironhide
Black Orc Standard and Musician


Any questions, fire away!

Matty :slight_smile:


Can we get a close up multiangel on the warriors palquin conversion?

Great army btw!


I’ll see what I can do for you Malorndk :slight_smile: