[Archive] WTS: Man o War Collection

Pyro Stick:

Im getting ready to sell my Man o War collection so i thought i would ask here first in case anyone is interested. I will probably put it all on ebay this weekend if no one is. Ive had it all for years but never got around to having a game so it seems a waste to just keep it stored away. I’m loathe to sell it after all the time that went in to collecting and painting it, and the game seems very cool, but ive never managed to convince anyone else to learn the rules and have a game and with Kingdom Death arriving this year i dont think i ever will. The collection consists of the following:

Chaos Dwarf Battle Fleet (Boxed and fully painted)
Chaos Dwarf War Fleet (Boxed and fully painted apart from the taurus)
Chaos Death Galleys (Boxed + Painted)
Nurgle Plagueship (painted with masts + sails)
Plaguecrushers x3 (1 fully painted, one undercoated, one bare metal)
Slannesh Hellship (boxed, semi painted, complete with mast sprue and sail sheet)
Tzeentch Bane Tower (unpainted)
Skaven Doombringer (painted)
I think i have a Skaven Warpraider as well but ive yet to find it

Man o War core game
Plague Fleet expansion
Large collection of mast sprues
Printed sail sheets

Some photos here: https://imgur.com/a/z2aZX

If the core and expansion arent complete then they are very close to it. I dont mind splitting the lot up but i would like to sell the two chaos dwarf fleets together. It would be great to sell the chaos stuff together as well and then i wouldnt have to sort through the masts and find complete sets. I have a rough idea of what i want for them but pm me an offer if you are interested in anything.