[Archive] WTS or T : Sneaky Gits



I’m a lurker on this forum since I saw Xander’s CD team on the TBB forum.

I’m in the process of cleaning up some of my old WFB stuff in order to concentrate only on BB.

I got 2 3ed Sneaky Git figs that are looking for a new home and I much prefer to sell them to one of you then to stupidly put them on ebay.

I’m in Germany, shipping anywhere in Europe will be 3�,� (that is the cost of the stamp I provide the padded enveloppe). I’ll ship everywere in the world, but ask me before hand for a quote.

I got paypal, but I’ll trade if you got Blood Bowl stuff.

Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

You can ask on the talkfantasyfootball.org forum, I am a guy to respects all his trades/sales.

Pyro Stick:

Have you got any pics of the sneaky gits and how much would you want for them?


As asked

I got no idea how much they are worth, but I would be happy with 11 �,� (shipping to Europe included) or 2 BB 2ed Skaven figs or the 2ed Troll blocker.

However, as said before, any reasonable offer will be accepted.


Anybody interested?

Last call for them, I will put them on ebay this weekend.

As said, any reasonable offer will be accepted.

Pyro Stick:

I would buy them if i had the money but right now i need to spend what little money i have on other things.