[Archive] Wuffingas' Woebegotten Warhost


Hi Guys

I am a longtime lurker, new member.

I am off to a tourney next week and taking my CDs with me. Sadly the TO’s are not accepting CDs so the little guys are standing on orange crates and pretending to be WoC.

The army has been under construction for about a year now so (inject sarcasm) I am really pleased that WHF are doing CDs again so that absolutely NONE of my effort was wasted. Ho-hum!

Anyhoo, here are the guys who are going with me next week;

First; 40 hobgobs/marauders of Khorne;

18 Warriors MoTz (mage/bsb bunker)

18 Warriors MoK


Wolf Riders/Marauder horsemen + spears

Same again but with axes



Great work!

I do like that cannon, perhaps why I own two :smiley:

The lava affects on the wings of the unit filler are really well done, very crisp, can’t get anywhere that level with my attempts with Legion of the Dammed.


…And a few guys who, sadly won’t be with us;


Number 1 son plays HElves and does’t much like my filler;

Inferno golems

BC Character

Flying sorcerer



I like your stuff a lot, especially the Taurus! :hat off

One question the fling beast of your sorcerer - of what model(s) is the “beast” made?

… and could you post some more pics of the “beast”?



Hi Zanko,

I’m afraid the Lamasu is just a plain old fashioned peg knight with an Ogre head, a Chaos Knight neck, a few skulls and lots of GS.

The Mage was a normal dwarf. I cut off and repositioned the feet cutting away between his legs (careful!) to be able to seat him on the lamasu. A couple more pics as requested;

I hate flying bases so he is just poised to take off over the ruined clockwork that litters various bits of the army bases.


Thanx wuffingas-saxon for your explanation and the new pics!

I’m not a BigHat fan (I would remove this one ;P) but imo your conversion looks very nice!

The 2nd aspect (despite the BigHat) to criticize is the length of the Lammasu’s beard and hair - I think the beard and the hair should be longer and more “fluffier”!