[Archive] WWI Armistice 100th Anniversary


Just a little reminder that 100 years ago today, at 11am (45mins to go as I type this), the cease-fire which ended WWI occurred.

I know normally we try to avoid threads onpolitics/real life events such as this on here, but considering the special significance this year, I think we can agree to make an exception this one time and all give thought to those that served during the war.


Indeed. Especially seeing how racism and fascism/nazism seem on the rise again in many western countries. This has more resembles to WWII, but definitely something to avoid!


Lest We Forget

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Lest we forget- I attended my local monument made by the workers of our former railway workshop

Midland Railway Workshops Soldiers Memorial | Monument Australia

We also have planned a Great War game using the warhammer historical rules