[Archive] Xander's BFSP Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Conversions


I am back with more BFSP Chaos Dwarfs! This time a pair of Sorcerers, one Metal Sorcerer, one Fire Sorcerer.

Here are the pair, front…

…and back. As you can see I have filled in the rune, to turn the cannonball into an Orb.

Metal Sorcerer…

…and Fire Sorcerer.

The pair again, on the cutting board.

As you can see, for this guy, I merely scraped a bit away from the front and back of the beard.

A standard bulletin board pin was used for the hat by cutting the back end off, and clipping off most of the pin itself, leaving a pit to actually “pin” the spike on top. Not shown here, but I cut off the top of his helmet, and shaved down the hair on his backside, and both sides of his beard before GreenStuff was added.

I’d love your comments, kudos, or questions! :hat off

Edit: I will probably add some tusks to the Fire one as well!


Nice! There’s that fiery orb again. Interesting trend… They look great, altho I think that the holes in the ends of the fiery dude’s beard are a bit big… I’m not sure what could be done about that at this point but when I saw the back end I thought of Tyranid spore fungus. Don’t get me wrong tho, they both look fantastic. Do you have any fancy advice for sculpting lips and tusks? I have been struggling with those, I’m afraid. Or are they something that I gotta just practice until it works?


Barely any “sculpting” is involved really. I just roll them in my fingers and place them on using the stickiness to keep them attached. The main experiment I wanted to try was the hat using a pin, and it seems to have worked.

If you take a look at any old CD models, the ends of the beards look like this. Plus, they’ll be black and muted when painted.


nice i converted my sorcerers from a rune lord.:cheers


Have any pictures? :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Those two sorcerers look great! It’s awesome what cool models one can make from the BfSP box miniatures alone - and a very cost efficient way to build up an army, too.

I think the way I do it (using the regular regiment boxes as basis for the conversions) is probably the most expensive way to go - next to building up a whole army from the Hellcannon Crew :~


The one problem with BfSP is that neither the thunderers/blunderbussers or the miners/CDs w. GWs come in decent sized units. Personally, I intend to use a combination of both. I’ve just finished converting most of my concept figures now, so I’m gonna be moving on to the full regiments.

I take it the model with the orb is left over from the Deathrocket conversion Xander?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I take it you liked my idea of converting crewman to sorcerers then, Mr. Xander? He he he. My only suggestion that I can make without a paintscheme applied, is mayhaps you should sculpt some flames onto the orb? I’d have to see it painted to say if that was the best way to go or not, but they are looking mighty fine!


I think persojnally the orb would look good based on the palantir in the LOTR films when its doing its whole flamey thing - you wouldn’t even need flames. Another idea is to do something similar to the Tzeentch BSB in the HofC book.


I have more of a Palantir/Icy Manipulator idea in mind when I was converting it. So that’s what I pkan to attempt first.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, like I said, if I was to see it painted, I’d be more ready to comment on changes. But, rest assured, it looks cool as is!


awesome models.

The new dwarfs warriors are perfect for CD conversions. Until now I’ve only turned an old dwarf runesmith into a sorcerer.

Traitor King:

Nice models ye got there Mr Xander.

Cant wait to see painted (methinks the fire orbs will be teh ownage).

I assume you’ve filled in the Dwarf icon/ruin on the back of the metal sorceror?

The Flying Beaver:

I used the same crewmen as you did for your metal wizard as I did for my sorceror. I have one request though- if you’re going to make a metal wizard out of him, make his pinky raised! METAL!!


I’ve started work on a similar model to the orb one, and I may do something similar to the other for my death rocket crew

Ghrask Dragh:

Your usual high standard has once again given me hope for my skull pass dwarfs (who have just been sitting their since I bought them) can’t wait to get started now. :cheers Xander!!


The notice board at work will never be the same again, cheers


For some reason I can’t see your pic’s xander :frowning: really wanted to see them tough :frowning:


I second that one Stubbs, can not see the pictures aswell.
And I really need ideas (the way the spell looks and the paint, etc. ), otherwise my death lore sorcerer will never get finished :stuck_out_tongue: ( Ye, you heard me, death lore sorcerer ^.^ )