[Archive] Xander's BFSP Chaos Dwarf Warrior Conversions

Scrakes the chaos goblin:

questtion were do you get chaos mutaion sprue


Question were do you get the chaos mutaion spure

Scrakes the chaos goblin
- The mutation sprue was a part of the old Chaos Warrior / Chaos Space Marine boxset.
- But in the new editions I have not been able to find any of them... :~ cr*p


only chance now is ebay. Please do ot double post

Hashut’s Blessing:

You can buy them for £4 off of the GW Online Store. Your repeat post was deleted.


the price went up to 6 and you need to look in the 40k section, thanks HB, I never looked at the 40k section for the mutation sprue

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I bought them for £4 each on the UK website (about 2 weeks ago)… I did a search for Chaos. Still, at least ya got them.


cool! absolutly one of the best 5converted units i have ever seen


cant belive i have not seen these before they are great, the gs is work is awesome, are there any pics of them painted ?


Yes, check my blog. *finds link *

grim morgor:

so im late about 2 years but i just started to play warhammer and i have buy bfsp cause i want play dwarf but when i see chaos dwarf i have change idea so now i have do the part 1 but i can a head how fit in the dwarf hole … i have try chaos warrior head but dont work … thanks for your help ( sorry for my english )


Morgor - No worries about the English, if you want to use Chaos Warrior heads then you need to remove the whole dwarf head before converting. Check Willmark’s log for an example


There are many other cool conversions using Chaos Warrior heads, check the ‘showcase’ section for inspiration


they are nice, very nice.