[Archive] Xander's BFSP Death Rocket Conversion


In my ongoing attempt to use the BFSP to its maximum potential, I present, the Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket.


Fairly simple conversion. Remove all of the cannon portion, and flatten the front of the cannon base. Fill the remaining portion with green stuff and smooth it out with some kind of cylinder. Add the trimmed Marauder icon to the front (I also made the top of this a semi-circle shape to fit the rocket). Add the Ork Rocket pack on top and remove the bolts that are on it. This way it seems like the metal parts of the rocket are actually part of the war machine, and are holding the rocket in place.

Further work will include removing the weave design on the sides, probably by covering it with GreenStuff. Another idea I had would be to incline the angel further, possible by replacing the front wheels with something bigger.

Comments Appreciated. :slight_smile:

Credit also goes to Mike Reed who made a similar design in The Canadian White Dwarf Supplement, Issue 29.


Where did you get that rocket? Link?


Where did you get that rocket? Link?

the rocket is from WH40K, it is a rocket of the Storm Boys of the Orcs.


Exactly, a Storm Boyz rocket pack. =) 40k Orks are a great place to find cool bits for Chaos Dwarfs. :slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

The ork lobba makes for a somewhat cheap and quick Earthshaker, while the kannon’s a nice piece too. The grot crew can make great slaves.

Gotta love those orks!


I knew it was from 40k orks but does anyone have a link to where I can order the bit? It’s not on Battlewagon Bitz…


I used rocket pack 1:



Sweet, thanks, and what is that tool you used to create the space for the rocket called? I havent tried any conversions that use tools besides Xacto knifes and a small amount of greenstuff…


Remove all of the cannon portion, and flatten the front of the cannon base. Fill the remaining portion with green stuff and smooth it out with some kind of cylinder.
The tool is the end of a hobby knife. It was just used to smooth the green stuff. :)


how did you remove the cannon barrel though? It seems like it would be hard and time consuming with just an xacto… :hashut


Because the plastic cannon comes in two halves and is basically hollow, it’s very easy to remove the cannon with simple cuts.


Yoink… Idea stolen :stuck_out_tongue:


I might have to steal that idea too!:cheers 40k Orks are indeed a great place to get hold of nice industrial bitz for the CDs. I’m mixing some bitz from both orcs and orks for my slaves to make them fit in more with my CDs, but I can’t find any of the metal plates from the 'ard boyz box anywhere, and GW seems to have taken them off the UK online store :0 Anyone know where these bitz are available?


Sounds like sweet stuff AGPO, can’t wait for some pics! :slight_smile:

Not sure about the 'ard boyz thing… sorry.


nice death rocket

has it evan hit anything


I had an idea for this before I saw this conversion, and without removing the barrel. I like using straws, because they’re cheap as free. So, I’d use a straw for the rocket, (with a green stuff or some kinda end), then I’d just stick it inside the barrel. Then I can have all sorts of decorations on the cannon itself.

Your video has inspired me, and now I must create a chaos dwarf army.


its a pretty cool death rocket, considering ts free standing.

i prefer the classic shoulder mounted style, but as far as taking bfsp to its full potential your well on your way!


I’ve used pens to make barrels for my organ gun conversion. Straws don’t hold paint very well and bend too easily for me.