[Archive] Yet another Destroyer idea


The more I look at this model the more I wants it.

It would probably mean I would end up selling my destroyer I’m sculpting as this steampunk thing would fit into how I want my army to look a whole lot better than a lava bull.  I’d be tempted to give it 4 legs so it fitted better on a longer base.  Plus for the bull theme of course.  Throw on a few hundred rivets and a steam engine somewhere.  Job done.

It’s the new Khador Collossus.  Price unknown but it will be cheaper than FW that’s for sure.

Edit. The video I took this from said the base is 120mm, meaning when I scale the pics this model is 130mm to the top of the shoulders, 200mm wide on the arms and 80mm on the hips.


+that comes from warmachine ,khador I think,good luck with your build



Looking at the pics again gave me an interesting idea actually; to put a steam engine in each arm. They are certainly big enough for it!


It’s a bit 40k for me