[Archive] Yharrrr! Thar be Pirates! If you help me :p


Well as some of you may know I am making my Chaos Dwarfs into Pirates.

Basically the fluff is that my Captain Nemo is the brother of my regular Dwarf (boo! hiss!) captain. However he was horribly injured and has fallen to the ways of a deity of a chaos god (this needs developing) along with the rest of his submarine crew. Now they raid costal towns and other ships for slaves to power the huge engines of the Nautilus.

I intend to make the Dwarfs themselves very steampunk looking, probably using the new miner box set for this( I mean it includes a caged goblin! What more could you ask for?!)

For the Blunderbuss units I intend to use the quarreller buckler shields attached to the handgun, I have tried it out and it looks pretty good.

For the Earthshaker I am going to use the gun and deck from the Basilisk made to look like on of the huge cannons the Nautilus uses to destroy entire coastal towns.

What I need your help on is my Hobgoblin and Orc units. I have considered Gnoblars as my brother plays Ogre pirates and Maruders for the Orc boys as they are also sea raiders. What do you think?

Also for my death rockets I imagine them to be torpedo launchers but I have no idea on how to make them, any ideas?

Also any other ideas for this army would be much appreciated :cheers




That’s a good idea do you think you can make it.:slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

Excellent idea with the bucklers. I did it myself and it’s great have a BB unit that rank up properly!

The Flying Beaver:

Just as I thought Chaos Dwarfs couldn’t be more awesome, you prove me wrong.

I’d go with grots for your slaves. With their guns removed, they make great pirates. There was a thing in USWD300 on them.


Sounds like a cool idea! I think using marauders as (arr!) orcs would work well, altho you should give them eyepatches and other assorted nautical gear in order to make them unique from other marauders.

I’m not sure about the torpedo idea, just cuz I dunno that torpedoes would work particularly well on land :cheers. However, maybe you could do something like the old squat mole-mortars? That might work ok. To be completely honest I dont see anything unusual about pirates having vanilla death rocket weapons tho.

As for the gnoblar/hobgobbos - yeah, man. Pirate 'em up and I think it would be great! Ironically, those would be pretty badass gnoblars.

The Flying Beaver:

I say stick to good 'ol fashioned death rockets on your submarine.

Seriously, check out these piratey gobbos! Some even have blunderbusses!


Thanks for all the help guys! :cheers

@The Flying Beaver: Although those Grotz look both industrial and piraty at the same time they seem a lot more expensive than they need to be, as I could get more Gnoblars cheaper.

@ Everyone: I was thinking about how extreme I should go on the pirate side of things. I am going to have curled beards and sculpted (welding?) masks on the Dwarfs to make them more steampunk but I’m not sure what to add to make 'em more pirate like. Possibly adding pirate hats to champions and metal claw like hooks/peglegs and a few bionic eye patches would be good?

What do you all think? Any more suggestions?




I’m guessing that since your CDs would be at sea for a long time they wouldn’t have the best kit in the world. Check out snotling’s harpoon based bolt thrower - it fits in nicely with your background and is an awesome conversion