[Archive] YOUR Battle for Skull Pass troll convertions thread


Nice conversion CheTralfara!

That thing is nuts! lol

+1 that is some awesome work there and certainly slave worthy!


Yep, that is pretty amazing.

I’m not sure I would have known it was the BfSP Troll unless you’d said so.

Ghrask Dragh:

Thats the best use of a Bfsp troll I’ve ever seen, nice work Che, be sure to post pics when it’s finished!


Che: If you ever go demons, that’s also make a SWEET Beast of Nurgle… FAR better then the BoN model they have.


Good point, but if you saw my current scratch-built beast of nurgle… (using playdough as body filler/shaper, greenstuff, lots of spawn and creature bitz, and the GIGANTIC MAW of an extremely gross and nurgley todd mcfarlane zodiac-monster toy) you’d see that it’s much better as a prince!

I do do daemons!!

I have a full army for each of the 4 gods!  BUT!!!

I really want to COMPLETE my chaos gods daemon armies with…

Daemons of Hashut and Daemons of The Horned Rat!


Che: Either of those demon ideas would be FREAKING AWESOME, at least in my book. As long as you can make sense of it, then you’ll be fine. Plus how that army could look drool.