[Archive] YOUR Battle for Skull Pass troll convertions thread


As we all know the cheapest way to get a CD army is the BFSP set, but yet we have one thing that we dont always use… the troll.

Post your troll pictures, or just your ideas on this thread.

Mine is a Unit filler, but often i play him as a Ogre Maneater.

Time of Madness:

This should be in the conversion or advice/idea section.

Time of Madness


I thought it was more of a warhammer discussion.

Kera foehunter:

well i have not yet !! i waiting to do something with the troll!


I’m going to have the troll chained to one of my Earthshakers when I get around to finishing them. I want it to look as if he’s dragged it into position, and I might have him loading it.


I was thinking about having my troll carry the earth shaker, similar to how the ogres carry their cannons. I’m not sure if that’s a grand idea, but it was something I was thinking of.


My troll will be an hobgoblins’ unit filler!

Kera foehunter:

some cool ideas

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My troll has become a chaos troll, I will post a picture when I have one :stuck_out_tongue:


So is the point of this thread is what exactly as I’m not sure?

Kera foehunter:

i think josh want ideas to see what to do with the Bfsp trolls??


Kera is right =O

I usualey use mine as a Maneater, or a unit filler


Have them push a juggernaut! :wink:


Unit filler - add a slave mask and collar (/w Chain, if you feel like it), and you’re set.


I’ve seen a bunch of them painted up as clowns for a Gobbo circus army. Very disturbing… but that’s a good thing.


I think ill do something different, maybe a give it a few guns around its wrist’s… Like the Brumak from Gears of War 2 (And make it a Earth shaker!)


Strap a cannon to his back like a sniper rifle and use him as an earth shaker :smiley:


I took these pics just for this thread. Hope you like it!

This is what you can do with the BFSP Troll. If you play Daemons of Chaos, turn him into a Daemon Prince of Nurgle!!!  Even if you don’t play Daemons, you could make a Daemon Prince of Hashut and use it as a counts-as Lord on Taurus! But this troll is far more suited for Nurgle!

Here’s what I have so far… This is VERY MUCH A WORK-IN-PROGRESS. It still needs LOADS of greenstuffing (he still needs his second droopy boob even).

I got the inspiration for the eyeball on his hand from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth… from the “Pale Man” monster (as he is called in the credits…)

The bitz are:

Body = 1 BFSP Troll,

Head = shadow head from potion vial in the Empire Wizard box,

Tail = a Rackham bit,

Horns = Reaper bitz,

Wings & Arms = plastic Spawn box bitz



Nice conversion CheTralfara!

That thing is nuts! lol

Kera foehunter:

that is cool che!! great job