[Archive] Your Killer Castellan


So, if you wanted to build a Castellan for the sole purpose of smashing a big hammer into the face of enemy characters, how would you equip him?

I just can’t seem to find a nice combination… 75pts is just a strange amount :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

These are the items I see worth considering:

Two-handed weapon

Black Hammer of Hashut

Mask of the Furnace

Armour of Bazerakh the Cruel (or the 2+ one from the rulebook)

Enchanted Shield



Talisman of Protection

Stone Mantle

Other Tricksters Shard

Potion of Strength/Toughness

What do you think? ATM I like the Mask+2handed weapon, but that means I’m stuck with a 3+ AS and can’t take the “Other Tricksters Shard” or the “Dawnstone” (both great items for a challenger IMHO)

Best DD

Da Crusha:

currently I am running a castellan with black hammer of hashut, dragon helm, shield, and opal amulet. later I will try other trickster shard instead of opal amulet. Id go with both but Im just short on points. I couldnt tell you about performance because he hasnt gotten into combat yet, its a relatively new change. the idea is to get the unit into combat and then cast ashstorm on my opponents unit. any challengers?


Just take 4 Castellans, 1 of each, and watch the smashy goodness!!!


I would put him on a carpet, give him 25pts of defensive items and a great weapon. Then just charge whatever unit he has that hasn’t got a full blown teched out ubba lord. Just keep on challenging whatever chars are in that unit smash face, pass your LD 9 stubborn check and repeat.

If I’m playing against armies with low armour saves like skaven (for those who read some of my other posts I have ISSUES with those rats!) or goblins etc I give him an extra HW.


Hey everyone,

thanks for the feedback

@maded: I know the carpet-castellan-idea. Quite nice, but not what I’m looking for here. I’m looking for a castellan to take challenges and come out on top…

Some ideas of mine:

Black Hammer, Other Tricksters Shard, Dawnstone, Shield (argh, and again 5 points missing for the Ench. Shield for full use of the Dawnstone, also no WS)

Black Hammer, Shield, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone (No Shard, no WS but 2+reroll and 2++ against fire)

Two-handed weapon, Armour of Bazherak the Cruel, Dawnstone (no shard, no wardsave → but MR (2))

Two-handed weapon, Mask of the Furnace (no shard, only 3+ AS → but 4+ WS and Fear)

Two-handed weapon, Other Tricksters Shard, Dragonhelm, ToPres (only 3+ AS)

Any idea? Comments?



Although the Black Hammer is good, I think it’s only worth its points if you get Ash Storm to make the enemy flammable, and you can’t rely on that. It’s basically a great weapon against normal enemy as you have low initiative anyway so I would prefer that.

Armour of Bazerack the cruel is probably not worth it on a castellan either, you can get MR other ways and a 2+ save isn’t worth the points when you start with 4+.

I think mask of the furnace is better on your prophet, it takes too many points on the Castellan and you can get similar for cheaper although without fear.

That only leaves your last choice! 4 Stregth 6 attacks, 3+ 4++ and enemy rerolls ward saves. I like this set up, you can take the hits then dish out some pretty decent ones back where you will have equal or higher WS, higher S, -3 Armour save, reroll ward. It should destroy most heroes and even give some Lords a run for their money.

I don’t think there is any magic weapon that would suit him and always give him GW. Focus defensively and he should come out on top.

Another magic item that can be used is the Helm of Discord which will make your enemy not be able to attack and autohit on a failed Ld test, combined with a Ld dropping spell it can be very good.


I have recently begun experimenting with builds these are the ones that i am currently testing:

Infernal Castellan

ogres blade

other tricksters shard

Infernal Castellan

Ogre blade

Enchanted Shield


potion of foolhardiness

Infernal Castellan

Helm of Discord

talisman of endurance

other tricksters shard

great weapon

Hope it was of some aid.


Hmmm… Ogre Blade… interesting.

Personally I’m not a big fan of the Helm of Discord.

BTW: You probably meant the Luckstone when mentioning the Dawnstone. ^^



I wouldn’t bother with the ogre blade as its only +2S, which the black hammer does. Unless you meant the giant blade (+3S), in which case it might be worth a go…S7 should see most things off.

Then add an enchanted shield for a 2+ AS and luckstone for a one off 2+ re-roll.


Sorry about the typo x.x, i was refering to the giant blade in both cases, i find it very brutal in my Chaos Lord builds so am hoping for a good transference in my Dark Castellans.