[Archive] Your posts


Can we set in so that it dosn’t show your own posts as new posts since it gets confusing seeing to new reply sign when its you that has posted.


I was wondering about that, where you read it but it still shows an unread post? No idea I’m afraid.


Yere its that it get rely annoying since I think someone has posted a response when its just my post showing up as new.

Thommy H:

Oh yeah. You have to navigate back to the individual forum after you post something for it not to show up as new. It happens with other people’s posts too.


As long as I let it roll round after I have posted, it doesn’t show as a new post, it counts it as read. It’s only when I press back straight after making a post that it shows it as new.

Hashut’s Blessing:

When you reply, it reloads the thread. Let this happe, then go back three pages and you’l be back at the search page and your response won’t show as an unread new reply.

Master Vampire:

I just like to note that this is not a CDO related problem, it’s a MyBB bug. We got the same thing on Carpe Noctem, which runs on the same system.

Kera foehunter:

well let make it a drinking game !!you take a drink every time you see it change to a new post

there one !!cheers