[Archive] Your primary army, before Chaos Dwarfs


This seems to be an interesting topic. Now, many of us have multiple armies (or did) but what was your primary Army before embarking on Chaos Dwarfs. I�?Tll start

Before coming to Chaos Dwarfs for me? The answer for me is scattered in a few threads here on the site, but ready for it? I have a 14,000 point 5th/6th edition High Elf force that was my main army from 3rd edition on, square that one up I say!


I started with high elves followed by chaos from 4th ed and then turned to Hashut when I used an allied earthshaker.

That was 20 odd years ago and my now infernal dwarfs are still not finished in the 9th Age.


I started with some models for RPGs and then began to collect Skaven with some Chaos allies in the early 90ies. Now I`ve come back to collect these Chaos models again together with some MM90 Chaos Dwarfs.


Primary army: Dwarfs in Warhammer. Also, Dwarves in Lotr. And a while after starting Chaos Dwarfs, Squats in 40k.

As for secondary armies, a small gaggle of Goblins in both WHFB and Lotr, and a few Skaven (not even 500 pts). Fallen Dwarves in Lotr. And a little Ad Mech in 40k. Apart from beard-sanity, I’ve mainly just picked up a scattering of models that I liked regardless of faction.


Well, what was Skink´s primary army before CDs you ask…

Yep, you got it, Lizardmen (unsurprisingly). When I was a teenager (5th and 6th ed.) I was a total Lizard nerd, I loved them, and I collected around 10.000 points worth of scaly critters before leaving home (been abroad for 13 years). I sold them maaaaaany years ago!

Uther the unhinged:

Never played warhammer as a kid. Did collect minis for D&D and a home created large scale battle system based on it. Then it was dwarfs, some gnomes , some halflings, some more dwarfs and a scattering of stuff for D&D. Then came the renegades and I fell in love.


My first approach with warhammer was with the forces of… the horned rat! but I never managed to collect a complete army (I am at 2/3 of the job now, but since I’m searching mostly 3rd ed models it’s not that easy…)

then came the total and undiscussed love for the father of darkness :hashut

and now I am toying with chaos deamons… vintage models of course! :wink:


Chaos Daemons! :hashut


Chaos Dwarfs were my primary army, I got them shortly after getting the 4th edition starter box. My first other army was O&G.


I don’t think I have a primary Army. I have played Lizardmen, Orcs/Goblins, Chaos, Dogs of War, Bretonnians, Ratmen, Dwarfs…

…at various times.


Dogs of War, thumbs up. :wink:


Chaos Dwarfs were my primary army.

Other than that, I like Vampire and Dark Elves, and dabble in both. Other than that, nothing else really appeals to me.


Goblins and Squats!

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I started 4.5 years ago with dwarfs. A year later I got the Tamurkhan book, now I’m building both armies.


I started with the “Prince Ulthers Imperial Dwarfs” Box and the “Bugmans Dwarf Rangers” Box. The 3rd Box I bouhgt was the “Chaos Dwarf Renegades” Box. After that I collected vanilla dwarfs and chaos dwarfs parallel.

Now I own a Chaos Dwarf army, a vanilla Dwarf army, a (Dark) Elf army, some 3rd Edition Slaan models, some Undead modles and some Witch Hunter models for Mortheim.



Tzeentch WoC for me in Warhammer Fantasy and Thousand Sons for 40k. Had various stuff for LotR but no one primary army (possibly because I started when it was just Good vs Evil as factions and started as painter not a player, so collected a bit of everything).


Chaos. Always Chaos. Back when it was a single book. But if I have to choose now, it’s Warriors of Chaos. Well, now-ish. I have no idea what’s going on in AoS.


Mine was also High Elves. Then Dwarfs, with a side track into O&G and Skaven.


Orcs & Goblins.

Which was also one of the main reasons I started playing Chaos Dwarfs; I got to use half my existing army as slaves!


Chaos. Always Chaos. Back when it was a single book. But if I have to choose now, it's Warriors of Chaos. Well, now-ish. I have no idea what's going on in AoS.

Agreed here. I thought the 5th Edition rules (not necessarily the power level) for Chaos was the best they have ever done.