[Archive] Zhatan the Black: A "Just for Fun" update

Thommy H:

I know people have done work on the background (and rules, I’m sure) for this guy before, but I enjoy writing rules, so here’s my update of Zhatan the Black, just for fun. His rules assume the existence of “Immortals” in the army list, but I assume anyone who wants to use this guy in their games won’t baulk at having to improvise rules for those guys too.

Thoughts, comments and criticism welcome. I’ll explain how I arrived at his points cost if anyone asks too.


Zhatan the Black: Commander of the Tower of Zharr

Zhatan is the mightiest Chaos Dwarf Lord in existence, and holds the rank of Commander of the Tower of Zharr, making him the captain of the Immortals and the foremost servant of the High Priests of Hashut.

Zhatan began his career in much the same manner as any of Zharr-Naggrund’s warrior caste, serving in one of the slaving parties that scoured the Dark Lands for captives to sacrifice to Hashut or put to work in the mines and workshops of the Plain of Zharr. However, Zhatan soon came to the attention of his masters for his bloodthirsty deeds and savagery in battle. Unlike most Chaos Dwarf warriors, Zhatan was not a stoic, disciplined warrior, but a ruthless and cruel fighter, who took pleasure in inflicting torment on those who fell beneath the blade of his mighty axe. It wasn’t long until Zhatan’s exploits earned him a place in the elite Immortal Guard, bringing him into contact with the denizens of the Temple of Hashut. Here, he drew the eye of Ghorth the Cruel, who saw in Zhatan a prot�g� - not one who could follow him down the path of the Sorcerer, for Zhatan had no skill with magic, but rather one who could emulate the dark and terrible acts that had brought Ghorth his standing amongst the Dawi’Zharr.

From that time on, Zhatan became Ghorth’s unofficial bodyguard, following behind him and protecting him from the political machinations of his fellow Sorcerers. As Zhatan’s reputation grew and he became a sergeant, then a captain and finally commander of the Immortals, so too did Ghorth’s power, until the entire warrior elite of Zharr-Naggrund served at the Sorcerer Lord’s beck and call. Ghorth reached heights undreamed of, his influence becoming greater even than the High Priest Astragoth himself. Thanks largely to Zhatan, the balance of power in the Temple of Hashut was changed forever.

Zhatan the Black is the greatest living Chaos Dwarf Lord and the commander of the elite Immortals. He is a Lord choice, but if taken he also uses up a Hero slot. If taken then Zhatan will automatically be your army General. He must be fielded exactly as presented here, and no extra equipment or magic items can be bought for him. The cost of his magic items is included in his total cost.


3 7 4 4 5 4 4 4 10

Points: 285

Weapons: The Hammer of Zharr

Armour: Immortal Plate (4+ Armour save)


Commander of the Tower of Zharr: Zhatan is the lord of the Immortals, and rarely leaves Zharr-Naggrund without a retinue of his best warriors. An army led by Zhatan must include at least one unit of Immortals.

Infinite Cruelty: Zhatan is renowned for his horrific acts of brutality and cruelty even amongst his own evil race. He fights with rare ferocity for a Chaos Dwarf and gloats with delight as he inflicts pain and suffering on any creature foolish enough to cross his path. Zhatan hates all enemy models and follows all the rules for hatred described in the Warhammer rulebook at all times.


The Hammer of Zharr

This weapon is a mighty relic of ancient times, dating back to the founding of the Chaos Dwarf empire and the building of Zharr-Naggrund. It is said that the Hammer of Zharr was the tool used to break the earth when the first foundations of the ziggurat were laid. Since that time it has been passed down from warrior to warrior, eventually becoming the weapon associated with the Commander of the Tower of Zharr, the leader of the Immortals. The Hammer of Zharr strikes with terrifying ferocity, making a mockery of all armour.

No armour saves of any kind are allowed against wounds inflicted by the Hammer of Zharr.

The Ring of Unmaking

When the ancestors of the Chaos Dwarfs first turned to the worship of Hashut, the first demand the Father of Darkness made of them was the destruction of their heirlooms from the west. Such power was, at the time, beyond the fledgling Dawi’Zharr, so Hashut taught them the secrets of breaking the bonds of magic that held the runic weapons, armour and other items of the Dwarfs together. He gave to his first Priests the Ring of Unmaking, an obsidian ring of terrible power that, when brought into contact with an enchanted object, caused the spells that gave it power to unravel and the object to crumble to dust. This incredible artefact eventually fell into the hands of Ghorth the Cruel, and Zhatan, his most loyal servant, wears it into battle where he uses it to thwart the magical attacks of his foes.

If Zhatan is hit by an attack from a magical weapon, roll a D6. On a roll of 5 or 6, the weapon has come into contact with the Ring of Unmaking and is immediately destroyed. Zhatan takes no damage from the attack. The Ring of Unmaking has no effect on non-magical weapons.

The Black Mantle

Across Zhatan’s shoulders sits a cloak woven from the hair of slaves tortured in the Temple of Hashut. Blackened by the fires of the Father of Darkness, this terrible object radiates an aura of dread and horror, unnerving his foes and inspiring feelings of hopelessness and despair as they contemplate their potential fate.

Zhatan causes fear as described in the Warhammer rulebook.


I like your rules ,the magic weapons are chaos dwarf like but perhaps he could have a ward save.Its the one thing lacking for our heros when fighting 7th ed armies .also the black mantle item could maybe give him some control of slaves if in 12" maybe re rolls and casualties as a black whip like energy cracks like thunder scaring them into obediance:hat off

Thommy H:

Yeah, I’m aware he’s lacking a ward save. In part, the Ring of Unmaking helps with that, since it makes him pretty nasty in challenges - he essentially gets a 5+ ward save against magic weapons. The other thing to remember is that he goes into battle with his Immortals too - he’s intended to be placed in a unit, really, which protects him from missile fire.

I didn’t want the Black Mantle to have anything to do with slaves either, because that’s not really what it’s about - Zhatan isn’t know for enslaving people; in fact, his fluff specifically makes him bad at capturing slaves because he likes to kill his enemies instead of subduing them for capture.

I also think it’s really important that special characters reflect certain aspects of their army’s background - I didn’t want Zhatan just being the embodiment of every little bit of Chaos Dwarf fluff, so he gets nothing relating to slaves. Instead, he emphasises the Immortals (because he leads them, which is my interpretation of his title) and he’s really about the bloodthirsty nature of the Dawi’Zharr and their opposition to the tactics of their enemies. He’s a character killer, because that’s how I see him: as a champion that protects his master rather than a leader in his own right.