[Archive] Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast (Lots of Pictures)

Father Grumpmas:

For those of you who have not already seen this plastered across other sites, yet another of my stupid armies.

I have only ever won one game with these guys :slight_smile:

Harkon & Syreen

Ship Wights

Bloated Corpses

Zombie Pirates

Dirty Dogs

Deck Droppers

Animated Hulks

Deck Gunners


Rotting Levithan

Kera foehunter:

now that’s a proper slave army for me he he

Father Grumpmas is that rino skelly a grenader model ??


Cool army. Also I like this kind of army, very unusal and uniqe


Sweeeett!!! i think you win just by placing those on the table;)

Lord Zarkov:



Are you using the Vampire Counts army list for this army? And the big question: if they are the zombie pirates of the Vampire Coast, do you use the rules supplement from the Conquest of the New World, and if you do, how do you combine that with the VC list? Straight zombie swap?

Father Grumpmas:

This army was designed specifically for the Zombie Pirate list but most units can double as VC units e.g. dirty dogs=dire wolves, rotting leviathan=black coach, zombie pirates= normal zombies.

I am working on Vampire coast themed Black knights, ghouls, grave guard but they are still WIP and I am waiting until I see the new VC book before I completely make up my mind what to paint.

Kera - you are right on target - the rhino is an old Grenadier model.


Hey i saw these on Capre Noctum, and i was impressed then! I must say my favourite model has to be the ogre with the anchor…i dont know why i just love it!


these are so cool, I actually want to go out and make some!