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Hahha, nice blog m8. Glad to see you putting those lovely mini’s online.

Ofc I love the paintjob… :slight_smile:

But I agree with my fellow CDO’ers, get some basing done! Don’t worry I got enough stuff at home to help you with the job, just give a shout.


I’ve taken a day off of work tomorrow, and I’ll paint up those final additions to my warriors (the final 5!!! -sorry for the random BSG reference :slight_smile: ), after which I’ll give them some proper bases. I won’t do the movement tray though, because I want one to fit the actual size of my unit.

After my warriors, I’l finish up on my first deathrocket, and then move on to my magma cannon.

I’m maybe considering ditching the crew, and take some old bighat-crew to man the machine. I’m thinking about the deatrocket member with the raised visor and the pointing eartshaker commander… I’ll have to figure something out for the third crewmember, although I have a plan for that allready… just need to see how much place I have left on the platform on the back.

I also still need a few blunders (working on that, and shouldn’t be a problem), but those last 4 hoblins I’m missing have got me worried though.


I’ve been completely at a loss these past few weeks as to what I should use as a destroyer.

No model out there screams K’daai Destroyer to me… So, while I was rummaging through my bitzbox, I found an old promo-mini I received last year at the annual wargames fair that’s hosted here in Antwerp.

It’s a small cat, with tiny wings and a Cthulhu-head. (I was originally planning to use it for fluff-reasons as my sorcerer’s familiar).

So, rather than going for a full blown demonicly possessed construct of mayhem, I’ve decided (untill a better solution presents itself), to go on the Monty Python-tour, and present to you (what will be), the smallest K’daai destroyer out there… fear him, because he wants your attention and cakez!

The rock he’s sitting on will be mounted with it on the 15x10 cm base. The rock is just some other piece of randomness I had lying arounbd from a few years back (I think I mounted another monster on it once).

Size comparison… and so you could see his front and back. I’m sorry if Cathulhu isn’t all that sharply pictured, but it’s quite hard to get your camera to focus on an unpainted miniature, sitting on a white paper under direct lighting.


run away!!

more seriously, its an interesting idea, not sure how I would react to that if you where my opponent


I just soiled my armour I was so scared.

It’s bonkers, I love it.


Ha! I love it!

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oh no! run! It’s the super scary, evil, cruel, villainous, wicked…erm…cat?


I’ll upload the pictures tonight…

The backstory could go something like this:

Zuh-Khinie absently stroked his beard as he watched the sorcerers at work in front of him. They were readying their best summoning spells. Spells that would reach through to the warp and summon a powerfull demon, one of the last of it’s kind.

Many people had unwittingly venerated this demon. Even the Dawi Zharr unknowingly wore their beards in it’s image, letting their curls hang like tendrils in front of their armour. Even their bannertops, when not adorned with bullheads, had the common marking of this demon… a skull, with tendrillike beardstrands hanging down. There was a complete cult of Dark Elves scouring the seas, searching for it, wearing helmets grafted in it’s image. Only, they were searching for it in the wrong place, because lore stated that these beasts had a fright of water.
Once, these demons had inhabited the northernmost realms of this world, leaving only the Plain of Bones as a reminder of what they were capable of. They had laid waste to cities, built by the ancestors of the dwarfs in such ancient times, that even they had no recollection of it. But he, the great Zuh-Khinie had found ancient tomes, hidden away in the dark places of the world, hinting at a terror of such magnitude, that even the Old Ones themselves had stood powerless against it.

This kind of ancient evil was only known in the scriptures as a Cthonian, and the one they were about to summon was no stranger anymore to Zuh-Khinie, for he had had this beast of an earlier age summoned many times now, to help him in times of dire need. A glow in the air, direct in front of the sorcerers faces, started growing, and Zuh-Khinie held in his breath, knowing that he would soon be reunited with this ancient evil.

From the warprift came the beast, black in fur, with a green slimy head, from which tendrils almost hung to the ground. It’s claws raked the ground as it stretched, letting go of a low pitched growl.
A voice sounded in Zuh-Khinie’s head as the beast stared directly at him.

"You mortal, have you summoned me?"

Though his hands felt sweaty Zuh-Khinie gave a smile, and reached inside his bag, taking out its contents and holding it out to the Cthonian.

"Here mister Snuffles… here you big mister… who’s a nice li’ll demon, who is?"

Purring, the demon came closer and ate the nibbles right out of Zuh-Khinies hand, before winding itself around his legs.
Picking it up, while petting it’s small, slimy green head, Zuh-Khinie nodded towards the tired sorcerers, before heading off.

The demon had been summoned, woe all who would stand against him now.


I actually think this is my cat…


And here he is ladies and gentledwarfs! The one and only cathulhu… or mister Snuffles if you like :slight_smile:

Now I only need to get ripped off at the local GWstore for a 150x100mm base, and then he’s good to go!


Cute Cthulu. :slight_smile:

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Soft K’daai, warm K’daai, little ball of death… Angry K’daai, burning K’daai, kill kill kill…


Cute Cthulu. :)

It actually prefers to be called Cathulhu :)

I just finished my first unit:

And here's the rest of what I've painted up so far:

Saturday, one of my best friends is coming over to my place to advise me on a basing scheme... I asked him specificaly because he's a Silver Demon winner (from the German GD).
He's also by far the best painter I know.


I love these so much. I keep coming back to this.

Are these dipped or devlin mud?


I love these so much. I keep coming back to this.

Are these dipped or devlin mud?

The orange is actually a layering of scab red, followed by blood red and finsihed off with blazing orange.
All weapons (and most armours) are boltgun metal, with a ogryn flesh-wah, followed by another highlight with boltgun metal.
Only the leather is bubonic or vomit brown (I'll have to look it up when I get home), with a devlan mud wash.

The green is a foundation of dark angels green, followed by snot green and finished off with scorpion green.

Gold colours are: brazen brass, followed by burnished gold with a final shining gold layer on top.

And last but not least, the fleshtone is dwarven flesh (or more recently, the new flesh foundationpaint), with a ogryn flesh-wash, followed by dwarven flesh. highlights are worked up by mixing it up with bleached bone, untill you get to a final bleached bone highlight.

So, as you see, not too many washes there :)


So, here’s my long overdue update… I’ve also been painting a war mammoth, whose pics I’ll post when I get the complete body done.

To start off with, here’s some pictures of my finished deamonsmiths:

My magma cannon (almost finished):

My K’Daai (only 4 minor details need to be finished):

More updates will follow soon…

Da Crusha:

cool looking army. I really like your painting style. the models look really good!

Kera foehunter:

WHAT A GREAT FREAKING ARMY!! love the way you work the orange and black and green together

your blending skills are great


I assume its a Destroyer? Looks pretty bad ass… :slight_smile:


Cheers guys!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s my destroyer… I used the little cat first, but my opponents didn’t seem to notice it at first untill it hit them right in the rear. Then they complained that it should be a bigger model to reflect it’s capabilities. I thought the arachnarok base it stood on would be enough to show what it could be capable of.

I still have to fit my new destroyer on it’s base though, but I’ll have to stick it on with the help of some greenstuff I suppose.