Artisan's Contest XXXIII - Winners!

Thank you kindly! Well i usually sketch the basics out on paper and then work on the sketch digitally after that. This time though i tried to use my Ipad and its program called Procreate. I like the simulated brushes and oilpaints it has a good feel to it!

Usually i use photoshop since i am pretty familiar with the keybindings and its helpful functions and i ended up finishing this one with it aswell.

This one took way to long though since i just couldnt get happy with the wolfrider in the foreground mainly. I think i painted 3 completely different versions of him before i could let it go!


I knew i couldnt draw. Went through the motions of trying to get paper, get a pencil :pencil2:, then needed a sharpener, the kids used the paper. I gave up up…it was a sign from walhut or hashoot.

Then i was drinking a lovely red ale…hobgoblin…and when the oldest kid went to football i made my 1st doodle in decades. It seems i didnt improve through years of not practicing either…weird right?

Drew the picture on the wifes notebook with a biro in 5mins. Didnt intend to enter but i was drinking…why not…

The take home message here if you haven’t had it , try hobgoblin ales



I’m glad you did! A jolly drawing it is. So good to hear you’ve drawn something for the first time in decades. May at least each year give you an occassion to doodle going forward. It’s such a simple joy that can be shared by all, from children to elderly. :beer:


Amazing entries!
Congrats to the winners it is thoroughly deserved



@Loidrial , yes, it’s watercolor. I was recently gifted the OOP Chaos Dwarf BB team and I really like the little guys. Stepped away from miniatures for years but Blood Bowl has got me back in.


This is the scan my brother did of my entry, hope it works as you intend even though it got a bit brighter than the original ^^:


Wonderful! Tack så mycket! :beer:

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