Backup of the Free Warscrolls from the Warhammer Legends section of the Age of Sigmar app

This is a backup of all the freely available Age of Sigmar Legends Warscrolls in the Age of Sigmar 3.0 mobile app as of May 2023.

These rules have always been free, I am simply ensuring they are archived somewhere.

Example picture:

As some of these warscrolls have not had their PDF forms updated, this was the only real way to save these versions of them should they be replaced in the future or be removed entirely. I have emailed GW about this and asked them about the PDF versions of these but they didn’t seem to have any response.

They are unsorted, and I haven’t run any OCR software or anything on them, but some of the non-chaos dwarf ones I made into a PDF a while ago.


I have pdf files for Legion Azgorh and Monsterous Arcanum meself at me pc, I can send them to you if ya want to add them there too?

Copying my same response from the Discord, for the sake of future readers of this thread:

These are the app versions of warhammer legends, many of which are different from the PDF versions which are outdated. Because they’re in the app and not in PDF form, I bet in 5 years time no one will have copies of them. That is why I made them into long screenshots which can be saved. Bonus points for the fact that they can now be scanned in OCR software, copied and pasted into a nice template and made into a printable PDF for tabletop gameplay.

I’ve already been bitten by Legends PDF files that have gone missing without backups, so I wanted to make sure to archive all these app-only warscrolls