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It is obviously a manticore with a beak, if you ask me.

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@Kuanor actually this is exactly my idea. A Lord on Manticore…I also used it to proxy a Dark Pegasus.


I know this miniature can be considered a crime!
Altering the amazing Chris Fitzpatrick’s Hag Queen/Morathi must be considered a crime.

I wanted her with a polearm and well, never liked the old staff.
I do not know if i’ll do it again today but well, this is the result:


I’ve shown everything from the army picture so now it’s time for something new.

I had this Dark Elf Sorceress on Dark Pegasus since…her release zillion of years ago. Never had the courage to paint such a beautiful miniature.

I finally decided it was time to get her out of my pile of shame and give her the paint job she deserves… In the meantime the late 1980s punk hair style went out of fashion, so I decided to give her a more modern hair style. What do you think? Is it an improvement :laughing:


More details of the hairstyle:

I also had the chance to toy with the base and create some ice stalactites…


Very nice paint job! That banner is gorgeous! Love the icicles too! …

:musical_note:“Let it go! Let it go!” :notes:

I’ll show myself out… :sweat_smile:

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Thanks @denelian5 being a 5th edition model I decided to go a little bit over the top.

I am very happy with the banner, I love the deep blue color and the gold decoration.

Here more pics of the banner:


The golden highlights really brings it to life! As said already, gorgeous.:blush:

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Thanks @denelian5 I am very proud of my gold. I use NMM with Chaos Dwarfs but here are classic (yep, 20 years old exagonal GW pot) metal pigments.

Ok, now how I made her hair. A little bit of extension: Dark Elf hairdressers are among the finest of the old world :grin:


My flying circus (so far…):

With the Dark Elf Sorceress on Dark Pegasus I’ve unveiled all my painted Dark Elves. I have more to paint… let’s switch to something else in the very next posts.


Something wicked arrived in my post box… I am a little bit scared… I need to get rid of the terrible paint job first…hours of hours of detergent and brushes…but that’s one of the reasons they were so cheap on evilbay…


Here they come, some of my first ever fanatics, this lovely duo :heart:

To the left the old plastic #goblin fanatic from #Talisman (1994), to the right the “classic” fanatic from 1993 sculpted by the amazing Kev Adams.

The left one was just primed and needed only a clean up before my paint job, the right one was in really bad shape, with the support broken, in dire need of a restoration.

I am very happy how they came out and they are already having lot of fun smashing things (see second pic) :tada:

Hope you enjoy. Which one is your favourite?

  • Talisman fanatic from 1994
  • Kev Adam fanatic from 1993

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Started working on orcs from ebay big bargain… first the chariot. So fun to work with.
I am very happ of it and it comes with a story like all of my miniatures.

Biggest and baddest of orcs love to ride into battle on board of their chariots.

“to stand astride its wooden planks is a sign of superiority and prestige over the foot-slogging infantry. To further show off, many Orc chariot crews decorate their ride by strapping on large banners, flashy streamers, and blood trophies onto its structure.”

My chariot is driven by Gorky and Morky, two of the baddest and wildest boars of the tribe. They seem to not cary much about the intentions of the riders. Shouting, beating and whipping seem to have no effect on them, despite any order by the riders they just love to run as fast as possible into the enemy (and sometimes friendly) lines smashing everything with joyous fury…sometimes even their own chariot.

It doesn’t matter if orcs win the battlle or loose, they always come back, even from the direst situation, wiht or without the chariot and its riders. The latter with a strange smile upon their snouts.


I really like the face plate and the banner. Great job!

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Thank you. I am very happy with the freehand on the banner. The plate is a token from Ogre Blood bowl set :grin:

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More is coming…


it’s something that put together warmachines and :eggplant:?

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LoidrialPatron of Hashut


it’s something that put together warmachines and :eggplant:?



BTW: 100% GW legal. Made out of bits, old sprues, plasticard, greenstuff and random junk in pure #poorhammer style. :smirk:

It has been already fielded pounding Elves :love_you_gesture:


Poorhammer always been besthammer

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