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OK, time to waste… some of my off topic hobby projects.
Let’s startwith my first love: Dark Elves.

Like always there is a story behind every army of mine. My Dark Elf Clan still retain the Nagarythe traditions. They claim to be the only real elves and they are very jelous. That’s why they preserved the ancient colors dating before the Sundering. After all, why change as we are the only truly elves?

Due to political decline in the ever changing games of power in Nagarroth, my clan has been placed to guard one of the Northern towers facing the Chaos Wastes. There, deep North, it’s plenty of dangers to train the martial arts of the Druchii and unknown powers ot untap for who is so brave…or foolish to try seize them…


Some close ups… spearelves…made from? :thinking:


Great mix of dark elves and high elves miniatures, it’s great how a unified paint scheme can bring together the two forces!

Almost like the elves are pretending that they’re not two sides of the same coin…

Would love to see some closeups of the crossbowmen and that unit wielding the massive swords in the background.

Thank you.

As requested, the Sorceress leading the pack of vintage miniatures. The Dark Elf warriors are my very first miniatures ever. I’ve painted them zillion of times. This is my latest incarnation. I use them to fill up the ranks of Executioners when I need to beef up the unit.


And here are some of my Repeater crossbowmen.


More pointy ears!

This is how I made my spearelves. I had a bunch of Island of Blood elves, they are such really great miniatures that I wanted to convert them into Dark Elves. This is the result.


Details of the command group…

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This is the prototype of all conversions:

BTW: this is NOT hair but FUR! After all the fight in the far North, it’s cold up there :grin:


I always loved Cold One Knights. Of course, it’s one of the most iconic Dark Elves units!

It always puzzled me how cold blood creatures can survive in the far North or inside caves but…well… it’s fantasy after all!

As you can see it’s a mix of 6th edition riders with 7th edition beasts. IMO best combo ever…