Battle report

So, here is a little report of two games.

2000p WAP in TTS.

I lost two games. The first was against the dreaded broken vampires. Turned out that yes their mobs are too big to deal with, and they just regenerate models. I was not extremely lucky, and could not snipe any characters. Lol, of course. It’s really a tough choice, either snipe characters and maybe fail and do nothing, or try to kill a block of undead that are just filler and don’t care about losses. Berzerkers did some things, they killed a bunch of models, but I lacked a useful generals’ unit. Devastators look good on paper, but S3 at too short a range doesn’t cut it for me. Bolt throwers are not very good sadly. But can be put up front as some buffer for cheap. Just don’t expect anything from them.

Every ranged unit needs some buffing to be effective, and magic was not on my side.

But it was quite entertaining: I used a level two daemon smith on the altar, and a level 4 to wreak havok.

Turned out I rolled 4 miscasts in a row.

The altar had one spell that was not lost left in the end, and both wizards were down to their last wound after the first magic phase.

A block of 40-50 goblins is extremely strong, sometimes maybe, is what I learned. The bows are meh, multishots and volley means they hit on 6s, of course. But a lot of dice and bodies.

I got fiery fists one turn and buffed the gobbos. They held for three rounds of lost cc against a varghulf and vargheist unit(one is a big monster vampire, the other is monstrous infantry) they even got two of the smaller guys with their bucket of dice standing and shooting/slapping two rounds, and a wound against the big one. Both enemy units are like 400 points against the little cheap greenskins(150ish p)

Ash storm is crucial and mighty. But I have not found any means to apply flammable outside of the magic phase, to make some use of the flaming attacks. That would really help, but maybe too overpowered.

Dwarves and magic, I learned. What else could be said?! It was…let’s say fun xD

The second game was also very entertaining.
Against the nasty High Elves.

I changed my list, it went less gimmicky and more meta. I had two deathshriekers and a magma cannon that killed easily 100000 years of elf that game. Wizardry was reduced to one dude. But the standard warriors are hard to plan well imo. They don’t do a lot and the artillery is fickle. It doesn’t get a look out sir like other armies and is essentially just ‘2 dwarves’ on defense. Bolt throwers just get in the way, I wouldn’t use more than two.
My Lord was on a great Taurus, it grilled half a unit of white lions in a reck- and thoughtless lucky strike. Lucky, because it caused a panic and they ran and never recovered enough before they were wiped out later, or else they would have murdered him just like that.

Then another panicking! Their generals’ unit was reduced to half strength in another good round of fiery death from above. Two hits with the shriekers and like 40 hits. The elves obviously and rightfully feared the might of Hashut!

It seemed to go well, too well.

Then i learned that a 500 points HQ that’s alone without magic resistance is bad :frowning:

The elves had some nasty spell that breaks magic items. It hit my 4++ heavy armor. Leaving me with too little defense against their arrows. Sad Taurus was in the flank of their ranks in turn two even, but no armour and no shield, it got shot in the back, the cowards. The Taurus really could use the daemonic rule for a 5++.

I had some 20 fireglaives, but I find they are way too expensive for what they can do in the end. They hit badly and are not a great melee threat either, and need a lot of support.

We played until turn 6 and it was close. Had i been less agressive with the Taurus, perhaps it would have done some more work and not died like that. Wolf raiders are meh. They can block, if at all, but that’s about it. A unit of 5 centaur renders did well, they are good on their own, but it’s a tough synergy to find because everything else only moves 3".

But in the end the charfs put up a good fight against the not at all weak elf book, there is some potential.

That’s about it, I’ll probably return to the darkness some day, but I will try out those other weakling beards who are too afraid to use the true power of the gods next time.


Ash Storm just bogged down my Black Orcs against @Oxymandias and @Habitual_Lurker on Friday! It’s a great spell.


Banner of the Eternal Flame on Bull Centaur Renders with Great Weapons can deal a lot of damage this way, also your K’Daai come with built-in flaming attacks, obvs the Magma Cannon.

Yeah, Lords on flying Monsters are always appealing, but they are risky. At least rest easy in the knowledge that Arcane Unforging, the spell which destroyed the armour, would have also hit him inside a unit.