Battletome Dawi Zharr - Path to Glory

I was wondering if anyone ever made a Path to Glory for Thommy H’s Battletome Dawi Zharr


Welcome @Thorrikk good to have you here :slight_smile:
To my knowledge @thommyh never did the path to glory thing. I’m not sure if it was a part of battletomes when he wrote his.

However it’s a fan book. So anyone you are playing must be cool with house rules. Why not have a play at creating one? Compare to other factions and see what kind of troops they can take and how the path to glory progresses etc. Talk to your opponent and make sure nothing is over the top or unfair.

It’s a bit of a job I know but could be a fun and creative endeavour.

If you ended up creating such a thing we could add it to our member made content army lists :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed someone cooks up a Path to Glory for AoS here.

@Lord_of_Uzkulak (Dînadan) and I each made a CD Path to Glory for 6th edition, based on the White Dwarf rules. But it’s at most only useful as inspiration.

For WFB8th or AoS? In AoS3 Core Book(p304) there is a generic Path to Glory, haven’t tried it myself yet. But looks great and reminds a bit of the campaign play for WarCry thou more detailed with Strongholds and dominated lands. The PtG-rules will be updated in further Battletomes as well, if you are interested have a look here…


After reading this I watch a few videos and talked it over with our group… Instead of using 2ed Path to Glory rules for our 3ed game we are picking up a copy of the big core rules and going to use the rules in there. It seems more balanced for those of us that don’t get to play as often. Plus it means those of us without PtG in our Battletomes… read me can still play in this format with out much work.


Actually had two games of AoS3 PtG yesterday, we liked the rules alot. Pretty smooth and simple, house rules and future Battletomes could easily be added to it as well. For Chaos Dwarfs I guess you can look as Slaves to Darkness maybe? Or depending of whatever comes first for AoS3.

Anyway, had a great narrative feel to it… Here’s my Gitz, about to be dinner, defending their lair.


Since this is a friendly PtG campaign I’m using Thommy H’s Battletome Dawi Zharr. We start tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve not a full day to game on in years. We start @ 10am and got until 8pm with brakes for food and such. I will be running Dawi Zharr as my main force in 3.0…


Im sure its fine, I used TommyH’s stuff for all of WFB8th. I just ment if future Battletomes would add to the PtG rules with faction specific tables and lands etc. :slight_smile:

Oh, and please share your progress!


I traded for my buddies LoA and and 3D printing up most of the rest of the army… including some Daemon Bulls and Daemon Bull Centaurs. going to playtest out some battlescrolls for them and the chaos dwarf berserkers i have planned. Will probably start a hobby blog on here if I have time.



I’ve been playing path to glory AoS using the LoA legends scrolls and the generic PTG

Enjoyed it so far!

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