[BB] Chaos Dwarf still avaliable in the new Season 2 (BB2020) edition

GW just released a pdf of ”Legacy Teams”, puh! :sweat_smile:


Hmm. I dont know if animal savagery is the same as wild animal. So the cd minotaur has it but so do the vampires. Maybe the vampires dont bite team mates any more? If so thats a massive buff to them maybe


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So according to the Bonehead podcast, Animal Savagery basically works like Wild Animal and if you fail the roll you can make an armour roll on someone close. But if that fails its like bonehead, so you loose your tackle zone. I wouldn’t like that so much, I am very fond that you don’t lose them on wild animal.

But am I mistaken or should Bull Centaurs have access to mutations on a secondary? Pretty sure they have them on a double in the blood bowl 2 game

Hmm, don’t think Bull Centaurs get Mutants… Some minor things in the digital BB2 game is a bit odd. That might be one of them. :slight_smile:

According to Animal Savegery I think you got it right, but as long as you have someone babysitting them it should be find. Say with an Ogre for example its sometimes best not to activate them just to be sure. But with AS you can just put a lineman there to be extra sure for a relative “small cost”. I think most of the new rules will be really interesting to implement and make you rethink some obvious decisions. Anyway, really happy to see this PDF until we se a remake of these classic teams!

Edit: Also the get a host of new interesting Star Players!


Ah OK, yeah I only know the BB2 game.
But it’s still a little odd for me that Blockers have mutations and Bull Centaurs not, given their description in the text: “[…] Bull Centaurs, mighty warriors who have been blessed with the gift of mutation” :smiley:

Hehe, they are half dwarf half cow. Thats Mutation enough… :stuck_out_tongue:
Just checked, no Mutation for BC in CRP or BB2016 atleast.


Yep, they never had mutation access. Looks like Passing skills are not available to most non-throwers too, so you can’t build a more reliable ball-handling player on the team now. Looks like last minute throwing plays aren’t even going to be possible in a lot of circumstances anymore.

True, but a Hobgoblin still have PA4+. But it will mainly be a running game. I buy the argument for making Throwers more exclusive since they were hardly taken by high AG teams before. Will have to play a bunch of games to see how all the minor tweaks interact, but really excited here! :slight_smile:

…but the main thing here is that Chaos Dwarfs were not dropped as feared, and hopefully we will see a updated team in a not too distant future!


Yeah, when they started making a second human team and a second Orc team, I was fearing the worst.

There’s little more that I want from GW than a set of plastic Chaos Dwarfs for Bloodvowl that I convert into anything else!

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I assume you all have seen this new Black Orc team, its not regular orcs. Models would be really useful for alot of different projects!



Yeah, I kind of want to use them to make bull centaurs. :slight_smile:

As i saw the pdf few days ago, i was already screaming hoping for new models.
Honestly i dont think we will ever see some proper CDs remake.
I should have bought a second bb team when gw reprinted them 2y ago.

I REALLY do Hope to be wrong here tho

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I guess they will remake the last of the teams in the PDF as well, otherwise the could just as well dropped them. Fingers crossed. :smiley:

It’s great to see that they haven’t been dropped, I think there’s far more Chaos Dwarfs players in Blood Bowl than there are in AoS or Fantasy Battle so it would have been harder to drop them. Not only are there players but with the all round team that we are (in my experience anyway) we usually do quite well in leagues.

It’s seeing the Tomb Kings, Norse and Amazon teams in there with us that make me think we may not get a plastic set even though we still have a current range in the game. Not to be the pessimist here because I always like many of you have my fingers crossed on nearly every event or reveal that we’ve made the move to plastic, I just think this PDF may be what we get :unamused: (he’s says whilst also thinking of the day he can come back to this quote and say I was wrong :grin:)

It’s still great to see us on the list though, with the plastic WarCry minis the continuous mentions of us in AoS fluff using souls of the dead and the inclusion here we are still leaps and bounds ahead of where we were when Chaos Dwarfs Online was born. Which in itself is a pleasent thought


The Bonehead Podcast has a video on Chaos Dwarf starting rosters for BB2020. Roster-wise it’s nothing new, but they start by listing the key changes to the team.

So, we basically had the animal savagery rule right. The possibility of a bonehead is still certainly bad, but in most cases it will make the Minotaur more reliable (if you sacrifice the occasional Hobgoblin). What hurts a little more is a change in the Break Tackle rule, which was a no-brainer for the Bull Centaur. Basically your dodge roll only goes down to a 3+ now, instead of the 2+ it used to give. And no player in the roster has access to passing skills.
Still, Chaos Dwarfs is a strong team. And the guys from Bonehead also expect a new team eventually :smiley:

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Cool! Jupp, the Break Tackle change hits the Bull Centaurs. But it hits alot of teams and some alot harder than CDs. People will need to find new ways and tactics. Im not saying its a great plan, but Breack Tackle on Dwarf makes him Dodge on a 3+ or Hobgoblin 2+. I play alot of Halflings, and mainly I use 2-3 Treemen stuck in as a bashing screen, running the 'flings as a loose cloud behind with a faster piece say Karla von Kill or Rumbelow Sheepskin as a main Blitzer. A similar approach might work for CDs? There are alot of tweaks to skills to figure out a new meta or favored way to play. :slight_smile:


Could be new Chaos Dwarf here?

It’s definitely an undead Dwarf at least…



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that shoulder above reminds me of Ramtut


My thinking was the wrist guard looks straight from the dwarf team and the flame pattern on the shoulder looks like the chaos team :thinking:

Couple that with the boney hand and got a undead Dwarf? Possibly for Chaos??

Just noticed the Champions of Death have that flame motif too so much more likely to be that