[BB] Upcoming team "Anvils of Doom" etc by Gonart Sculpture

From “Blood Bowl Community” on Facebook:


Finally we have finished our Chaos Dwarf Minotaur, and as you know, its a free model to celebrate our > 500+ followers on Instagram and the 750+ on Facebook.

I have to split the piece and optimice the file for printing, but very soon your will have it ready to download the STL file.

This model will be part of our first complete BloodBowl team, the “Anvils of Doom”, soon you will get news and advances of it.
Also, we are going to make a warband for squirmish games like Mordheim and Warcry. This proyects will be available in STL and in resin copies, so you dont have to worry if you havent a 3d printer!

Thanks for your support!

Gonart Sculpture on Facebook.


Oh that looks fantastic! Excited for the Chaos Dwarfs players and the Bull Centaur(s). Damn, I really need to get into Blood Bowl, I think that every time a new team get out


Oh I gotta get me one of those :metal:t2:

Are there pics anywhere of the BB team? Also looking forward to a Chaos Dwarf WarCry Warband :grin:

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Not that I know of, Ive only seen this model so far. But I’ll keep you updated. :slight_smile:

This is gorgeous! Definitely want!

Seems they plan to go on Kickstarter in July. The preview is just up… :slight_smile:

This Minotaur was released as a freebee on Thingiverse as well.


Now that’s lovely concept art! Neat design. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

That’s great news all round! Looking forward to see the final minis for these :drooling_face:

Hmmm, given the weapons in there would suggest it’s not just Blood Bowl :thinking:

Ooooh just read the skirmish bit too, this should be great


The fact they have weapon options is clad!

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Such nice designs, I hope they translate to minis just as well

…yes and lets hope Chaos Dwarfs make a return for the BB2020 “Season 2” release. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I have dreamt of this many a time @tjub

However - what way will they go?

Old school big hats ? Modern Masks ? Super old school helms?

Either way it will get bought and converted and used . The new BB minis are certainly evocative of an earlier tome but realised in a modern style so could be any thing really.

I know I’m probably being selfish for my “creed” here. But COME ON GW - GIVE US BIG HATS!!!

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These sculpts are gorgeous btw! Old school style : modern look. Perfect