Benin Empire Greenskins by Two Idiots Printing Service

@tjub stumbled across these Orcs & Goblins, in the style of the Kingdom of Benin in West Africa.

This shop sports a print farm of 10 3D-printers and sell resin-printed miniatures. Ask shop owners about the scale in case of interest:


Oh my days these are beautiful :heart_eyes:

I’ve wanted a fantasy greenskin army for some time but always wanted something different.

Once my 3D printer is set up at the new place these could be an instant buy

Pre supported too!!! Such a bonus

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Those orc buffalo riders would make for some nice Chaos Knight allies for CDs. :wink:


Hey guys. LM from two idiots printing here. Thank you for noticing us. We’ve opened a news thread in the off topic section and now have even more minis and different items available.