Best Matte Varnish for the troops?

Hello O Great keepers of all things of wisdom for the Short and Evil.
I looked back thru all the past history of what is the best MATT varnish for the troops.
Really did not find a good answer, except I will try the Vallejo Matt.
Any one else have a fav? Do you all like brush on or spray?
I tried a cheep brush on item on one of my new painted models and hate it, It is more of a simi gloss. Can you recover a new Matt over a shiny? What say you all?
Thanks for any help.


Matt vallejo is what i use.

After 3 tubes i know what the problem is

Its too full and you cant mix it properly. The stuff at the top makes the model shiny.

Get rid of some then mix the hell out of it, its perfect then

I actually took 1 tube back to the shop showing shiny models.

You can barely see any sheen on tge models


Genius. Never even thought that. Will try.

I swear by citadel’s purity seal. If it’s metal models I used to give an all over of 'ard coat and then purity seal after, but that might be overkill.

On the 3D printed resin guys I’m messing around with now, I reckon a coat of the stuff will do the trick. Time will tell whether the paint will chip on my black orcs, though I did give them a generous spritzing.

Oh, and a matt varnish over a satin one will indeed take the shine off. It will also take some of the shine off true metallic colors☝️


Brilliant, All good info. I’ll give some a try. Thanks


Anybody else? Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?


I spent aeons testing various varnishes for that perfect matte. Ended up trying Windsor and Newton from the local art shop - works better than any of the “specialist” miniatures sprays. This is matte as matte gets; no hint whatsoever that it’s been treated.


Thanks so much. I was wanting to try a spray with my tests also.
Very good.