Black Friday Buys

Hi everyone -

Deals have begun to heat up as people position themselves for the end of this month.

I’ve been reading thousands of entries on Wayland’s sale (which is very poorly laid out) and it does contain some good Chaos Dwarf stuff.
I’ve linked to the sale pages in the below. Am about 4200 entries thru 8000-something sale items. Will update if I see much else. The sale is super hard to browse so has to be done manually.

If you see other deals going elsewhere this month, post below!

Lord on Taurus - huge discount on this, looks great.
Bull Centaurs 2 3
Chaos Dwarf Characters
Army standard
Lord 1
Lord 2
Lord 3
Lord 4
Lord 5
Champion 2 3 4 5
Berserker 2 3
Snails including riders 2 cannon
Boyar Chiefs - cleaner looking than many chorfs, but with great bighats
Minotaur 2 3

Titan Forge have stopped making most of the below minis, making this potentially your last and cheapest chance to pick them up.
Army Standard
Lord with hammer
Dread Guards - chaos dwarf automata with chains for beards
Dread Gunners
The famous forge terrain piece

Conquest Herald of Fire - an outscale flaming dwarf mage/possessed who is much larger than normal 28mm. Could be useful as a monster.
Malifaux Immolated Rhino - a scary looking lava beast

Fire elementals 2
Obsidian Golem/construct
Lamassu and rider - bear in mind this is the scaly lizard version

Goblin king


Nice thread!

There is also an up-to-33%-sale at Anycubic

Added many new items below £5 - mainly lords and champions

Nice one! Picked me up a SoKV Lord Malchim the Betrayer. Was looking for something to be Chorf counts as Gotrek model.

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Oh man I love those sculpts. I’ve got pretty much all of them already. Glad I popped when I did last year, TF doesn’t stock most of the old chorf range anymore. Love the banner bearer with the cuneiform tablet especially.

I got a Conquest Dweghom fire dude and some industrial bits for conversion work.