BLACKSAIL CORSAIRS - Dark & High Elves for Fantasy Football

…another great looking Blood Bowl KS from Punga! With the option to get about 15€ discount on the CD team. Ships from EU, US and UK this time so no VAT. :slight_smile:



Not a BB player, and the team looks rather redundant to GW’s (unless they are in scale unlike GW’s BB teams), but I’m actually tempted by the DE rock band. ^^

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I’m a little out of the loop. However, I’m unsure on how much GW’s oversized figures/pitch are influencing BB right now.

The BB community is self supporting/sufficient (although they’ve changed to GWs rules). However, for figures it’s these Spanish and Italian companies that are supplying the market.

The competitive TT scene very much suits south west Europe and the tournament scene massively popular there.

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What definitely sets these 3rd party resin teams apart from the GW versions is them being all unique sculpts. GW teams always have duplicates with minor variations, if any. Punga and Greebo do great jobs.

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On the other hand, some of them seem to me more hero scaly or caroony on the pictures.

Punga generally translates really well to GWs post BB2016 range(32mm bases).

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