Blood Bowl: Nearly 20 Year Old Article Still Pretty Accurate

This is from the old Blood Bowl Magazine from 2003. In this Ancient Tome, the advice still stands pretty firm. The only difference is no Trolls, and re-rolls are 70k now so your ideal Starting Roster is probably more like;
4x Hobgoblins 160k
5x Chaos Dwarf Blockers 350k
2x Bull Centaurs 260k
3x Re-Rolls 210k
Total: 980k
Take a couple of Fan Factor for extra cash later if you like, or an Ass Coach and Cheerleader, or save it as a head start to replace your inevitably dead Hobgoblin.


Cool, haven’t had time to read through it yet. But it will be fun to see how GW approach the team once its their turn to be brought back, given that most teams got a few new/remade positions or players. An option for Troll/Minotaur as Big Guy and maybe 0-2 Back Orcs or similar could be an option. Or the Hobgoblins could be explored as a separate team with rostered assassins?

Personally Im really looking forward to get my hands on the Punga KS, just in time to destroy my BATG even more… :sweat_smile:


I am genuinely hoping Spike! 15 will be Chaos Dwarfs, and we get some interesting new traits and players. They already have access to some great stars, but 3 more can’t hurt! It will definitely be interesting to see how they handle the positionals, as this is already a top 3 team.