BMG Pilgrimage into Darkness

Praise Hashut!

So I’ve been following CDO for years (like 10 or more) but never actually had a Chaos Dwarf to share with you.
I’ve recently decided to swap over to 15m gaming exclusively and that meant I finally bit the bullet and have started an army of 15mm Tjublings for use with Warmaster.
As such here are my first Tjublings -
A unit of warriors:

I’ve also started work on some terrain:


The plan is for 4+ units of warriors, 2 of blunderbusses, 2 of bull-centaurs, 4 of hobgoblins, some slave-orcs and various warmachines and heroes. That should totally between 2000-3000 points.


Very good start! Welcome aboard after a decade of lurking. Nice colour scheme and scenery start, and neat hat conversion! The taller the better. Looking forward to see your army take shape. :test:

Welcome to the forum, and great start! I really like your colour scheme - I don‘t think I‘ve seen such a combination on CDs before, it works perfectly. Best wishes for your army project. :20:

Also from my side a warm welcome here in the friendliest forum in the world! You have made quite a good start here. Tjublings are a good choice, the colour scheme is white and a little bit of terrain never hurts. I am looking forward to see more of your models! :sunglasses:

Welcome! I think the colour scheme is great too

Despite the festive season the progress on my Chaos Dwarfs has been limited. One unit is complete, with decals and glued to bases but need basing. (Photos to follow).

My Bull Centaurs are nearly done, hopefully will be finished this week and I’ll post them when I’m done.

In the meantime I thought I should share my Secret Santa project - what I made for Zanko.
Below are some completed photos of what I intended to be a piece of rough terrain. The idea was that Hashut’s will had been altered the earth splitting it open on the shape of a bull, whilst lava bubbles up.
The design was based on prehistoric art from the Lascaux caves and the idea on Celtic hill carvings.
This is the first time I tried using an airbrush for OSL effects and tried to layer it red-orange-yellow-white.


Clever terrain piece, and good looking to boot! Great stuff.

I’ve now gotten my first full-sized dwarf. Wait, what? Anyway, meet @Loidrial’s awesome gift to me:


In other news I have just gotten my order from Ral Partha - two Warbands for playing Mantic’s Vanguard at 15mm scale.

I cannot recommend Ral Partha enough - they offered to swap models out for me so I could get the exact items I wanted and ended up just adding them to the order, not charging for the changes or the extra models :heart_eyes:
Then I got a 28mm Santa dwarf too, to celebrate the season. We’ll be seeing more of him later…

Best belated Christmas Day ever - thank you Zhanta Klauz (and Loidrial, and Ral Partha)


Great work on a such a small scale, really like that terrain too!