Bork's Chaos Dwarfs: Raiders of Hashut


I always wanted to collect a Chaos Dwarf army ever since I saw the Legion of Azgorh announcement in an old White Dwarf magazine I read as a kid. Many years later thanks to 3D printing and being a “little” bit wiser I decided to take the plunge. When I discovered Fabelzel’s amazing Evil Dwarves line I decided I would try to make an army entirely made of his files.

Here is my currant model lineup. A Chaos Dwarf Lord, two Sorcerers and a unit of 10 Blunderbuss Warriors. The plan is to use the old White Dwarf Army Book battle report as a frame for what I want the army to look like at the end.

Started off with a test mini of a Warrior. The old White Dwarf armybook provided plenty of inspiration.

Next came the Blunderbusses and Sorcerer. I just wanted to paint him as an excuse to experiment with ginger beards.

The big hat Sorcerer himself. I have plans to print and paint him riding a Lamassu but this was again just another excuse to experiment with painting a white beard and dags on his cloak.

The Chaos Dwarf Lord. More experimenting again, this time for fire effects and trying out paper banners. Waiting on a Bale Taurus mini to be made.

That’s all I have painted currently. Their bases have been left blank since I am still figuring out how I want to paint and decorate them.

Other than some Warriors I got a Golem for a Kdaii champion stand in and Death Rocket for a weapon team. Current To-Do list is as follows:

  • Chaos Dwarf Warriors
  • Hobgoblins with Shields
  • Hobgoblin Wolfriders
  • Kdaii
  • Earthshaker Cannon
  • Sorcerer with Lammasu
  • Bases

Your painting is great, i will follow this blog with interest. Welcome to the forum!

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I like your color scheme alot, was considering something similar but haven’t got around to it yet. :sweat_smile:

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More progress ! This time on the Chaos Dwarf golem as a K’daii Destroyer champion stand-in…
Ginger sorcerer for size comparison.

Also thanks both ! Really looking forward to getting this army done. Still debating on what to base them so if all else fails I can just give them either ashy lavascape or snot green bases.


Lovely work on that Destroyer! The model looks hot to the touch.

Thanks ! Really happy with how the fire effects came out.

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Finally decided on ash and lava for the bases. This is a bad photo of the current army.

And just now I got the Death Rocket all painted up. Now to print out more warriors and get a block of infantry done.


Really nice looking stuff! Welcome!

Thanks ! The project is coming along nicely. Right now I am working on some warriors, bulthaurs, hobgoblins and a battle standard bearer,


I love the fiery glow on the golem, awesme stuff

Update ! I have a bunch of warriors printed but since Brawniac began his patreon I wanted to make a BSB for the army using one of his files. Here he is, just deciding on what banner to give him and for a flag pole topper.


He looks great as a bsb, the metal pole is much more hardy than resin